January 16, 2014

Spingola Speaks 2014.01.15

 As it seems that the online controversy including but not limited to independent authors, bloggers, investigators, journalists, researchers, and last but not in the least, talk show hosts, continues over what did or did not happen at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14th, 2012, Deanna talked about this issue today.

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Anonymous said...

If there can be a fake shooting, there can be fake funerals too. I have just head the first parts of the program. If here is a fake shooting, there must almost certainly be faked documents. The medical care for Adam Lanza? There are many holohoax-frauds too. Wel, maybe I must think myself and research these things better. How can I know there have been any funerals? How can I check that the medical document can be trusted?

In Finland the obvious false opposition (Verkkomaedia etc.) always says that the school shootings etc. are real but the shooters have taken to much Prosac and other drugs. How can MC Piper and Mrs. Spingola be so convinced that the elite is behind of the various conspiracy theories and not this theory of the drugs (Prosac or what it was)? How is it that there is always a drill when something happens?

I see now that there is something more in the Piper's book. We have waited so long something from him and Mr. Glenn. Why is it that they always just say that their opponents are ridiculous and nothing more? After a very long time this all has become very ridiculous. It is not a surprise, tjat Friend, Fetzer and others can have a laugh about that. It is not a tactic of a subverter. I think that the behavior of Mr. Glenn and Mr. Piper has been very strange. They have said that "Every child realizes that (John Friend??? and others like him are only spreading nonsense and BS. Oh these carazy conspiracy theories". That's all from them or something like that.

Btw I can't stand that jargon that "the MS media does not always lie. It sometimes tells the truth". This old Piper-stuff just like an old record. Without any facts or examples. I can not be thinking that DS an MCP are like School teachers or something. Maybe I can listen the rest of the program...

And yes, we all should think ourselves and we should not go with the herd like a sheep. Is the famous name is wrong, he/she is wrong and we should say it.

My vote goes to Friend, Smallstorm and others. Why it should be forbidden to speculate about various conspiracy theories? Why an Earths should people not suspect and think and have conversations or different opinions about these matters? Seems like someone in the real truth movement are becoming insane. How is the work of John Friend and others good for the jews?

Scott said...

^^Holy shit balls another no planer/sandy hook loon! May the higher powers save us from the lunatics!

BnC said...

Deanna does a hatchet job on several hours of research many others have done regarding Sandy Hook.

Yes, SSRI's are bad, mmmmkay

Deanna, please provide Adam Lanza's medical records to prove Adam was on SSRI's. Oh that's right. CT won't release them even with a FOIA.

It's a conspiracy! Yes, but Deanna is covering up for it, knowingly or not.....

The Bahai Faith connection to Sandy Hook is the most mysterious one that most do not focus on.

BnC said...

Boston Bombing was a hoax to cover up for Sandy Hook? LMAO

Anonymous said...

"The government wants us to believe that no one died in Sandy Hook"

? What is the proof for that? I heard this soon in the morning. She says it like an obvious fact!

Because John Friend believes that maybe noeone died or at liest copuple of murders but the murderer was not Lanza and maybe The children did not get killed

zapoper said...

Very long and loud yawn.

Anonymous said...

Aha. The govenment tries to hide the dangers of the Drugs of the Big Pharma and therefore it spreads the grazy conspiracy theories and therefore the Boston. Oh. How could I not realize? Or maybe that is not true. And John Friend is right and he has not got a task to cover up the dangers of Prosac etc (She did not say that).

I think that these are good examples of crazy conspiracy theories.

Anonymous said...

All the school-shooters have had mental problems all over the world. They have got the theraphies and they have eaten pills. That is the common knowledge about these events. No one has tried to cover it up. Rather this is the reason that the elite wants us to believe. The shootings must have a reasonable reason and people have been told that the shooters were maniacs and they had eaten drugs. Maybe this is not the loudest message but at least the alternative people and the educated people have the knowledge to take these pills in focus.

No one wants to hide and cover up. Most conspiracy theories in the past have always believed in one scapegoat or mandzhurian candidate who is a maniac or a weak one and who has been provided with pills. And not from the doctors but handlers/Mossad etc. In some cases many think that there have been another shooter or many others. Perhaps the scapegoat has done nothing or he has killed only few or just shot into the air or the walls etc.

I think that almost everybody in the "movement" does not believe that Breivik did what we have been told he did or at least not alone.

But then there can be a case where nobody shoots or dies. Why not?

I found the show quite nasty. It was almost "name-calling" or something like that. She talked like a schoolteacher. The revelations from the book were very interesting but the nonsense about the "infiltrators" almost was below zero. Strong accusations based on a ridiculous conspiracy theory.

Btw I find the putinist Mark Glenn very suspicious.

delcroix said...

When people start name calling
and being rude by shouting down the other's argument ...they've already lost the debate
and no amount of sarcasm and appeal's to authority
will change that ....
are you tired zap ? lol

zapoper said...

No I'm not Del LOL. I just think that debating this shit endlessly is frivolous but that's just me. People have a right to say what they want.

I just think that it's like debating for twelve years how they brought down the towers.

Did we get anywhere with that?


once deanna said that adam lanza did kill his mother and the children at SH, i stopped listening. might stop listening to her shows permanently. no loss there. don't care if she's anti-jew or anything. 9/11 was busted wide open by a few so-called "conspiracy nuts" a few years after it happened. the same is true with "conspiracy nuts" such as sofia smallstorm re SH. these people like spingola and glenn are johnny-come-lately's who are more scared of "spoiling their reputation" as valid conspiracy researchers compared to those who stuck their neck out to reveal the truth even if it was not popular and widely accepted then.

i don't agree with fetzer on so many things but i agree with him on a lot of points on SH.

Pat Colo said...

"Spingola Jumps Shark, Supports Zion.gov's Official Sandy Hook Story"

It *kills me* to have to post this criticism of Deanna Spingola [henceforth "DS"], as I've seen her as a fountain of high quality 'Truthy' information ever since I first discovered her a couple years ago.

So it was crushing for me to listen to yesterday's (15 Jan 2014) DS show, which she did solo, discussing her [proclaimed...] view of the Sandy Hoax controversy.

read more: http://gold-silver.us/forum/showthread.php?75243-Spingola-Jumps-Shark-Supports-Zion-gov-s-Official-Sandy-Hook-Story

Deanna said...

I opened my program with this statement: "I expect that some people will ridicule me for today’s program. In that regard, I would like to have you refer back to the program that I conducted on Thursday, December 19, 2013 when I discussed Beverly K. Eakman’s book, How to Counter Group Manipulation Tactics. On the front cover, there is a group of 23 people sitting at a round table. Then there is the facilitator or operative who is probably five times the size of the targets, the group of people. In a text bubble, he is saying “Even a child could see…” We in the truth movement are a group of people; each of us has that herd mentality whether we admit it or not. We do not want to counter a popular stance because we do not want to be ridiculed." Predictably, people have responded as I anticipated, along with name-calling, something in which I do not engage. I did not mention anyone else's research on this event or do a hatchet job on anyone. That is not my style!

At no time did I say that I accepted the government's views of this event. Truth is not a popularity contest or something to vote on. So what if others have previously produced their views on this event. Does that mean 'case closed' - no other views are allowed? I presented some other thoughts about the event. I do not have a monopoly on the truth and I don't think that anyone else does either. As I stated at the end of the program, I was not there. Anyone who was not there has no idea what happened. We are all susceptible and vulnerable to what we read and see in the media, including the Internet. People should be open-minded enough to review all the possibilities. Apparently, some people have selectively listened to what I said or didn't even bother to listen to the entire program and have already made up their minds about what is true and what isn't. As far as accusing me of buying the official version, what of those who accepted the MS media's programming suggestions of controlled demolition on 9/11? Does that mean that they have sold out to Silverstein and his cronies? Are they also suspect?

Anonymous said...

What Deanna said...


BnC said...

What abhorus said :)

Pat Colo said...

Deanna: U said,

"At no time did I say that I accepted the government's views of this event."

The core of zion.gov's SH story is,

"[I believe that] on December 14 2012, twenty year old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children, and 6 adult staff members, at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, [...] Before driving to the school, Lanza shot and killed his mother Nancy, and as first responders arrived, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Friends and family attended the many funerals that were held. There were people that were killed. There were funerals."

^ Those are your words, beginning at 12:20 in the published MP3 version of your 15 January show. We can quibble over minutia perhaps, but that's the core of zion.gov's official Sandy-HookNosedHOAX fable, which you "accepted" above.

After flatly proclaiming your 'belief' in the quote above, you did not address the numerous problems with that belief; displaying the same tact as the TUT Glenn/Piper/Tillawi crew. Those problems include but aren't limited to:


At 29:00, you addressed a 'dissenting' chat message posted by one the the show-chat participants. You said:

" Somebody in the chat room just said, 'Deanna, I agree that they are covering for SSRIs, but there is more to it than just that. There is too much that just does not add up.'

I totally agree with you. I totally agree with you. "

How can your "I totally agree with you" response to that chat room participant, jibe with your flatly proclaimed 'beliefs' in your first quote above?

At 30:40, you took a brief detour from you Big Pharma focus, and you made a number of assertions about the Lanza family's gun obsession, a target range in their basement, Adam's fascination with mass school shootings, and more; but you very uncharacteristically didn't cite your source for these assertions. I was in the chat room as Anon xx17 (where I don't recall the 'xx'), and I asked what your source was for these assertions. You responded a few minutes later, with a text (not hyperlink) message citing a March '13 Je- I mean, New York Times article about the SH event. The title was something about "..Chilling Details.." but I don't recall exactly because I've long since closed the chatango window, and I'm not sure how to retrieve the chat from your 15 Jan show.

But it was disturbing that in this obviously pre-prepared script which you read for your 15 Jan show, that you opted not to cite your source for those claims about the Lanzas on air for your listening audience-- claims which, IF TRUE, would be so supportive of zion.gov's official SH story, and so damaging to SH skeptics. It was only in the chatango chat room, when asked directly, that you coughed up that your 'source' was the NEW YORK TIMES.

I could go on, but fact is, I put a good deal of work into this 'article' posted at my squalid little internet rat-hole:


where readers can read fuller transcribed quotes, blah blah.

I'm in Asia, late here, m-u-s-t s-l-e-e-p.

I hope you're well Deanna-- seriously! :)

BnC said...

I'm assuming that we should expect a lot of the same on tonight's broadcast - Deanna/MCP

Turleyt said...

I yst saw your reply to the antics of DS and MCP. U was really wanting to get all DS' books. After the referenced show, I think maybe not. I still think Ed Chiarini may be on to something. MD's--physicians like Stan Montief and Ben Biugher (so) recognize the effect of frequency raduation in Psyche changes in people and speak about ut. Personally, I read in MWCoooper's book Behold APale Horse, that the shadow gov planned to execute a plan for mass shootings at schools everywhere to bolster the anti-gun lobby. His book was published in 1995. Hr was a Navy Intel guy and he knew. I know Ef C and others published the hob plan to hold the shooting drills. Since I still have a little common sense left. I know the hoaxes were all Gov drills. They want people looking at all that, maybe because of the extremely heavy chemtrailing.I only
hear a few MD's talking about all the damage to whales and people and the environment, generally. from all the aluminum dropped daily into the environment.