January 16, 2014

The National Intel Report 1.16.2014

John has Deana Spingola on and they talk about Germany and the lies that have been told to the world about WW2. I hope you like this one theding. Thanks Scorp.



Anonymous said...

Man..oh man...

Mr. John Stadtmiller obviously has decided that enough-is-enough, and apparently any animosity and/or differences with Mrs. Deanna Spingola are now done-and-over-with after this most impressive and information-packed program.

I am absolutely stunned that he went as far as he did, especially after some of the comments that Mr. Stadtmiller had made in the past, and apparently was trying to become more "main-stream", but his conscience must have gotten to him, and he decided to be intellectually-honest and do and say the right thing.

God bless Mrs. Deanna Spingola, and I sincerely appreciate her efforts in getting the truth to all who will read and/or listen to her message(s).


mephistopheles lux said...

This business of trying to reach out to the masses is a fool's errand. The way I see it, the masses are starting to reach out to us.


Anonymous said...

If the number the jews who got killed was smaller than that of the poles, what was the number? The caller did not explain. I suppose he believes that the number is much bigger than it really was.

Anonymous said...

Overall great show.
Deanna at her best, impromptu and less scripted since she only got the request to be guest on show at 2:30 in the afternoon.
Not sure what's going on with John Standtmiller's change of heart. He made a comment about the addition of Dr. Jennifer Daniel's to RBN's lineup saying something such as he admired her straightforwardness, courage. etc. ......too bad he didn't have the same admiration for Maggie Rodin and Dr. Carley

Deanna said...

If I remember correctly, Dr. Carley quit in the last five minutes of her last show without giving any notice to John Stadtmiller, after he brought her back to the network a second time. Maggie is a terrific person and I, for one, miss her presence on RBN.