Friday, February 21, 2014

AFP PODCAST: Academic Vilified for Questioning Sandy Hook

Dr. James Tracy, who “teaches courses examining the relationship between commercial and alternative news media and socio-political issues and events,” gained notoriety for his questioning the ways the mainstream media presented their coverage of the Sandy Hook Elementary School event, and was under fire for doing so, even to the point of colleagues looking to get this father-of-three fired from his position at Florida Atlantic University’s  School of Communication & Multimedia Studies.
Mr. Tracy, who runs the Memory Hole blog, isn’t your average “conspiracy theorist,” either. He’s one of the top media analysts in the country and speaks with a clear and aware mind.
Dave Gahary spoke with Jim about why he began to doubt the official story of the Sandy Hook Elementary School event, the repercussions of his viewpoints, the state of free speech in America, and many other topics, in this interesting interview (1:07:17).                 Show-page


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The common denominator is Jews. See John 8 44