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Spingola Speaks 2014.02.20

Deanna talked about her ongoing research into the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting and her critique of the video presentation given by Sophia Smallstorm regarding what may or may not have happened in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012.
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Anonymous said...

Deanna was all substance in this show about SH.

She made an important critique of Sofia Smallstorm's presentation, and I have made some notes.

However, I still find Robbie Parker's reaction suspicious, and why is the girl on Obama's lap wearing the same dress as the allegedly dead child, Emilie Parker, with her hair parted in the same way, and what can we really know about Adam Lanza when he allegedly killed his own mother and destroyed his own computer, and they still posit no motive?

22m - Said Smallstorm used 12 of Fetzer's 14 points about SH in the jan 2013 vt article, said what a coincidence -- it's almost like they were working with each other
25m - Said Mike Powers, who appeared on joyce riley's show in january 2013, is a fraud
33m - Flattery to sell Smallstorm's documentary
said she fell for flattery of joining Scholars for 9/11 Truth, because who wouldn't want to be a scholar
35m - Called it a ploy for Fetzer to call the group Scholars for 9/11 Truth
37m - Misleading audio from Smallstorm's video
39m - Someone in video is Mark S. Mann -- marksman?
44m - Fake bus driver video when flowers are in full bloom saying he saw no crime scene footage?
46m - It's normal not to see crime footage
47m - She claims there's no christmas decorations when there were
49m - She said Sandy Hook never has been about 2nd amendment rights
1h13m - Looped video of the same people going in and out of the school, because of silver car moving around
- Questioned whether Smallstorm and Klein were so negligent or they thought the majority of truth seekers were too gullible -- said shame on them
1h15m - Claim that Christmas trees just happened to be there to mark deaths of children, firefighter said they had been doing that for 13 years -- she called it pathetic research

rodin said...

You have to wonder if double bluff

Smallstorm aka may be designer strawman

I still says SH was yet another kosher scam

George Jones said...

It may well be a kosher scam rodin but I believe the scam was on those who believe the hoax as an attempt to dumb down legitimate theories and we will see more of this to come.

RJ said...

Well Done Deanna. Bravo... RIP Sophia

Pat Colo said...

Deanna in her 15 Jan show
beginning at 12:20:

" [...] I believe that on December 14 2012, twenty year old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children, and 6 adult staff members, at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, which was founded in 1705, which had a population in 2012 of 28,042 people. Before driving to the school, Lanza shot and killed his mother Nancy, and as first responders arrived, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Friends and family attended the many funerals that were held. There were people that were killed. There were funerals. [...]"

Notice, this statement ^ contains all the core elements of's official S.Hoax story.

Same show at 29:00, Deanna addresses a chat room question:

" Somebody in the chat room just said, 'Deanna, I agree that they are covering for SSRIs, but there is more to it than just that. There is too much that just does not add up.'

I totally agree with you. I totally agree with you. "

And sorry no source ref's at the moment, but those following this saga know Deanna has repeatedly declared to the effect of, 'I never said I support the government's Sandy Hook Story!'. I distinctly recall her writing this in a Mamis comment, though finding WHICH SHOW would require more time than I have atm.

So this seeming "supporting of both sides" beckons the question, on which "S.Hoax anomalies" issues are you in support of S.Hoax skeptics? Which specific aspects of's official S.Hoax narrative do you disbelieve (ref: 'I never said I support the government's Sandy Hook Story!')? Where do you and the S.Hoax skeptics share common ground?

I've been maintaining sort of a mini-blog re the Deanna/SH drama, "Spingola Jumps Shark, Supports's Official Sandy Hook Story":

Aleksa said...

Great deanna!
But as soon you expose one,hundreds of similar freaks will pop up!
Best is to ignore these,these,these,IDK anymore what to call them!!

Deanna said...

Pat Colo: I do believe that people died at SH as does Dr. James Tracy, according to his blog. So, there are only two choices here, either support the Fetzer/Smallstorm group and their claims or the government and its claims? Nothing in life is absolutely black or white. I do not fully support or reject either side. This is not about choosing a side but researching and evaluating the Sandy Hook situation and arriving at my own conclusions. I do agree there are things that do not add up - just as I said in my chat room. That is applicable to both sides. I do not recall you being in my chat room. You must have been one of the anons? What is the difference between the government and the MSM deceptively devising "evidence" to prove its case and Smallstorm deceptively or ignorantly devising "evidence" in her video to support her views? Are we just supposed to pick the group whose claims are the most acceptable? I have not "jumped the shark" as anyone who listens to the guests that I have on the program talking about a variety of topics.

Pat Colo said...

^ "...freaks...IDK anymore what to call them!!"

Yes Alexa/Consti2tionalist/whoever, your incessant ad-homs & joowey 'ridicule' gambits in the Sandy Hoax comment threads must've used up the whole list in your Hasbara Handbook by now! ;)

Pat Colo said...

^^^ Thanks for replying Deanna. :)

U said: "I do agree there are things that do not add up [...]"

I was hoping to hear specifically, what some of things that you feel do not add up, are?

For example, does the "Free Homes and “Big Bucks” Incentives for Leaders and Players..." issue bother you?

What about the SH responders' apparent decision NOT to summon life-flight helicopters, in the face of ('s ALLEGED) school massacre?

And this week, we have retired cop, educator, and school security consultant Wolfgang Halbig, getting 3 home visits so far from police, 2 in the same day right before and then during a radio interview this past week, threatening him to shut up with his Sandy Hoax questions or they'll prosecute him for "harassment.."!!
^ Wolfgang doesn't come on til 27 mins there. Then at 1h 29 mins, he ends the interview because police were pulling into his driveway yet again, 2nd time that day!

So Deanna, those ^ are the kind of *specific examples* I was hoping you would share, re some of things that you feel do not add up about the Sandy Hook, um, "event".

Also see:

Pat Colo said...

Const: your & Aleksa's pattern of comments in the Sandy Hoax threads are so similar, strewn with 'joowey' ad-hom/ridicule gambits (summarized in Rule #5 at ) towards those of us skeptical of's Sandy Hoax narrative, that I just speculated that you might be sockpuppets of one another. If that's incorrect, then I stand corrected.

Deanna said...

I intend to cover all of the issues that have arisen in the forthcoming parts of my critique. One can only cover so much material in a 2-hour program. I do have other obligations in addition to my research and my radio programs. I have asked Halbig to be a guest on my program but have not received a reply. I heard him on Dave Gahary's program. He also called into my AFP program on 2/11. He did email me twice on 2/11 at 6am wanting to know if we could be friends. In his email, he asked me several questions, many of which I answered in part 2:; Part 1: I have also invited both Fetzer and Smallstorm to be a guest on my program; both declined.

Anonymous said...

consti2tionalist, of course you like what rockclimber has to say, since it's another one of your handles, just like "Expose Supremacists" -- both of which were banned by foon1e last week.
"consti2tionalist August 21, 2012 at 6:49 PM

aka, rockclimber at tiu/cybersage/"

Pat Colo said...

Thanks again Deanna. Interesting info. Did Fetzer & Sofia cite WHY they were declining?

Your having Wolfgang Halbig on as guest would be terrific. I highly reco' his 2/18 show with 'federaljack' linked in my 1:20 comment above. As to your not hearing back from him, I do worry that he may have been "Werner-in-New-Brunswick'd", given that the federaljack host remarked that he hadn't heard back from Wolfgang after their interview was interrupted by another police visit to his home... that was in federaljack's opening commentary recorded the day after the interview.

As an afterthought: U said in your 12:26 post above, "I do believe that people died at SH as does Dr. James Tracy, according to his blog. "

Could you give me a source link @ Dr. Tracy's blog for that claim? Because in his AFP interview with Dave Gahary yesterday,

...Gahary asked Tracy that question point blank. At 36:05, Gahary asked Tracy, "What's your gut about this Sandy Hook event, Jim? Do you think that kids actually died there?"

Tracy gave a remarkably long answer (Gahary didn't speak again until 45:xx); but I'd distill Tracy's answer down to, 'we don't know, but given all we do know about our government's history, I wouldn't put the compete staging of SH past them.' << My words, not Tracy's.

Separately, who is mod'ing comments at I cross-posted my 11:07 comment above there, minus the last 2 lines; and it was rejected?! I had a similar experience there before, ref:

Deanna said...

Tracy said, "I maintain that many questions I raise about the Sandy Hook tragedy remain unanswered and that the American public has been underserved by the press in this important regard. I apologize for any additional anguish and grief my remarks—and how they have been taken out of context and misrepresented—may have caused the families who’ve lost loved ones on December 14. At the same time I believe the most profound memorial we can give the children and educators who lost their lives on that day is to identify and interrogate the specific causes of their tragic and untimely demise." Sofia said that I did not "have a good understanding of the material." She also felt that she felt it would be a hostile environment. She suggested that I have Fetzer on instead. I hope that Halbig is okay. I do not wish any harm on anyone. I did not start looking at Sandy Hook until last month after I had finished my third book. Up to that point, I was very busy working on that. Just because others began evaluating SH immediately after the event does not mean that I am obligated to accept their conclusions after reviewing them.

Pat Colo said...

Deanna, the Tracy blog article you reference is from Jan 11 '13, exactly four weeks after the SH event, when Tracy was under the peak of joozmedia/public duress, his job in jeopardy, for the questions he'd raised about SH. At that time, *I* would have told you that SH was fishy, and speculated that it may have been some combo of "real" and "ZioStream-Media exploited", as the SH-Truth community were in the earliest stages of struggling to determine what really happened.

You can go to Tracy's SH blog today and count how many entries, reflecting new SH revelations, there have been in the 13+ months since 1/11/13. You get where I'm going; and frankly I'm disappointed that, in the face of your picking knits over "...Smallstorm deceptively or ignorantly devising "evidence" in her video to support her views?"; that you would choose to word your characterization of Tracy's SH view based on a blog entry 13+ months old, to make it sound like it's his currently held view... to support your views.

Surely you would concede that Tracy's SH view expressed in his AFP podcast 2 days ago, trumps his publicly expressed view, made under duress, 13+ months ago when the SH event was still fresh and the totality of facts we have today were still mostly concealed? Shouldn't your claim about Tracy's SH view more properly read, "I do believe that people died at SH as DID Dr. James Tracy, according to a blog entry he made over 13 months ago." ??

I'm reminded of your 15 Jan podcast, where you expressed belief in the core elements of's official SH narrative, and you flatly made a number of claims about the Lanza family's love affair with guns, and Adam's fascination with mass school shootings; but you uncharacteristically didn't cite your source for these claims... at least not verbally to your far wider podcast listening audience. I was one of the anons in the live chat; and, as this was the first I'd heard of these Lanza family/guns claims, so substantially supporting of your proclaimed SH view; I was dying to know your 'source'. So I asked, and you promptly responded with,

^ Mmmm hmmm, --nuff said. I mean, even a child would concede... OH NEVER MIND! lol ;)

Deanna said...

Pat Colo, You are absolutely correct about the date of that article. He apparently has changed his stance or made that statement under pressure. I am reading the initial articles from the people who first claimed that SH was a hoax. I still maintain that the popularity of an opinion does not prove its veracity.

Beep said...

Here we have an example of Smallstorm using fraudulently looped footage for her "Going in Circles" talking point. The cars top left jerk backwards and forwards and are even going backwards at one point. If the mainstream media had done this Smallstorm and Co would be all over it. Fundamentally dishonest.

Pat Colo said...

Thanks for your responsiveness as always Deanna. Tracy's the type who, at least in public media venues, will always maintain a distant, 'professorial' demeanor when asked for a simple opinion on something like, "do you think people died in the SH event?" I get the sense he'd be more frank about SH when he's off stage, and more frank still with a few shots of Scotch in him, lol.

Tracy was guest on Barrett's show on Saturday, along with Fetzer. Tracy doesn't connect until 24 mins:

Good news from that show was, at the 1 hr mark, Fetzer says he spoke with Wolfgang the day before (Fri), and he says Wolfgang's fine, just that his net connection has been disrupted and he has no internet, which would explain his failure to respond to your email, Deanna. Maybe you can get his phone # from Fetzer?

Deanna said...

I have Halbig's telephone number and have both emailed him and I have called him three times.

George Jones said...

To Deanna, respectfully: One question I would have for Halbig is in what way was he involved with Columbine and where is his proof?

Deanna said...

I have searched for any indication that Halbig is a nationally-recognized school security expert. The only "proof" seems to come from him. In the 1990s, he was the director of security for Seminole County, Florida schools. The only reference I find relative to Columbine is what he has said. See: He was apparently a Florida State Trooper long before he became a volley ball coach. That was in 1988: Before that, he was the head girl’s soccer coach at Lake Brantley in 1987 and then added the task of girls volleyball. I am very dubious about his claims of the local police coming to his house. Jewish people do make such claims; they love being victims as it brings them so much attention. It certainly seems to have worked for him.

TyrannyNews said...

Deanna, "What is the difference between the government and the MSM deceptively devising "evidence" to prove its case and Smallstorm deceptively or ignorantly devising "evidence" in her video to support her views?"

I'm sure I understand the point you're getting toward here, but your question is on at least 2 levels. One question assumes that both sides are equal. "What's the difference between A doing something and B doing it?

But, we all know A (The Government & MSM) and B (Sofia) are not equal.

Why not see your question another way by modifying it slightly? How about...

"What is the difference between a deceiver that is a single individual and a deceiver that is millions of individuals, arranged in groups with affiliations, possessing unchallenged authority and who are accepted by most as the source of true information and the arbiter of justice?"

My theory is that, when an individual deceives it's each person's responsibility to determine to what degree they will engage them or if they will enter into agreements with them. By extension, I think when a combined government and media deceive it is in some cases a crime that is exponentially more severe and can negatively impact untold people's lives.

In thinking about this further, I think the comparison you've drawn is just too abstract. Sofia is an individual and shouldn't be expected to act as responsibly as the government and media should, but consistently fail to do.

Pat Colo said...

Deanna, re your Feb 23 at 6:19 PM comment above, I've responded at my "Spingola Jumps Shark, Supports's Official Sandy Hook Story" mini-blog hosted at some squalid, backwater little internet rat-hole; easier to just link to it:

George Jones said...


In reference to your link:

She made an observation about Halbig and some of his dubious claims and suggested that victimization is a jewish tactic, something they love and he is playing the victim. She has invited him on her show and now his phone doesn't work but hopefully they will do a show together.

It seems you didn't really want answers but were ostensibly trying to set Deanna up for the kill?

Good luck with that, in the end the truth will win out.

Pat Colo said...

^ George, not sure what you're talking about. Setting Deanna up for the kill?! Whaaah?!

Her @6:19 comment amounts to one big ad-hom against Wolfgang, ending with an inference that he is, or behaves in the manner of, a joo. Not one attempt to address the questions he's raising about the S.Hoax "event".

If Wolfgang is getting police visits to his FL home, warning him to stop asking questions about S.Hoax or CT will prosecute & imprison him for "harassment"; that's very telling about the integrity of's SH story! And it's right in line with the guilty demeanor which gov has displayed in the 14+ months since their orchestration of the SH charade.

But Wolfgang's alleged police visits are a sideshow, a distraction, from the inconvenient SH questions he's raising. Even he says, the SH videos, the laughable "performances" of the actors which initially attracted most SH truth seekers to the topic, are a distraction.

The focus should be on the SH questions he's raised, not on attacking his cred the way Deanna's @6:19 comment does.

Does Wolfgang sound like a Shylock in any of his radio interviews, or in his call in to Deanna's 2/11/14 AFP show at 1h 9m?

Amanda said...

I just did a quick google search and found this:

It looks like Wolfgang is somehow affiliated with the Children's Safety Institute, and on their website, this is what they say about his background:

Wolfgang is a nationally recognized school safety and security professional who has done extensive work in researching and developing the “Standards for Safe Schools”. He is an expert witness in the field of school safety and security. He has testified before a Congressional Commission studying school safety and security. Wolfgang was the former Executive Director of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety. Wolfgang was also appointed by the Florida Governor to serve on the State of Florida Safe Schools Commission.

Wolfgang is also the author of a book for educators and school bus drivers on aggressive behavior management and the use of reasonable force, as well as numerous magazine articles. His article on “Breaking the Code of Silence” was published in the March 2000 edition of the American School Board Journal. He has been a featured guest on many national news programs including Dateline NBC, Good Morning America, and MSNBC.

Wolfgang was the Director of Safety and Security for a large public school system in Florida and brings to the company a national reputation in school safety, education and law enforcement. He has experience with U.S. Customs and as a Florida State Trooper. After leaving law enforcement, he went into education as a teacher, administrative leader, and finally Director of Safety and Security. His 35 years of work experience is a major asset to any involvement with safety and security.

Amanda said...

I just did a quick search for Wolfgang's article “Breaking the Code of Silence,” which was published in the March 2000 edition of the American School Board Journal. The article doesn't really have a link I can post, but anyone can find it by doing a quick search. Here's just a bit of it:

Breaking the Code of Silence

A school security expert says student silence is our worst enemy


Could have ... should have ... would have. These oft-used laments tragically describe the sentiments of teenagers in Pearl, Miss.; Paducah, Ky.; Jonesboro, Ark.; and Littleton, Colo. In all these places, young people heard the murderous intentions of fellow students but chose not to tell adults. The consequences of their silence were immeasurable.

Our schools and communities must do everything they can to break this adolescent code of silence. We need to make it easier, and more acceptable, for students to report threats they've heard other kids make. Had students in Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Colorado acted on the information they had, lives might well have been saved.

That a code of silence exists should come as no surprise to parents, school administrators, school board members, legislators, or law enforcement officials. I have been an assistant principal, a teacher and coach, a state police officer, and a director of school district security. In all these roles, I saw how and why a code of silence is so deeply ingrained in youth culture. Historically, students have been loath to "tattle," "rat," or "narc" on their peers -- especially in secondary grades when social acceptance often overrides the urge to do the right thing. Added to that reluctance is a fear of violent retribution for turning someone in that is probably more real today than ever before....

And at the end of the article, it confirms that it was published in the March 2000 issue of American School Board Journal.

Anonymous said...

well done amanda - any idea how long thta website has been up? (while i still go with there is something fishy about the official SH story) this is the kind of data that people taking the official line might ask.

George Jones said...


Deanna did address many of his questions in her last show.

Regarding the threats, which are wrong, it may be that they didn't like his way of asking questions as evidenced below where Newtown Chief of Police Michael Kehoe answered his letters. (like or hate it, just saying)


From: "Kehoe, Michael"
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 12:39:28 -0500
To: Wolfgang Halbig

Subject: Fwd: Criminal Investigation is now closed so please provide my FOIA request now.

The items you seek under FOIA are exempt from disclosure under the same law.

Thank you!!
Chief Michael Kehoe

Newtown Police Department
3 Main Street
Newtown, CT 06470

Edit: bold and underline are mine


From: Wolfgang Halbig
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 20:22:37 -0500
Subject: Re: Criminal Investigation is now closed so please provide my FOIA request now.
You need to be fired and actually if it turns out to be a conspiracy you need to go to jail and loose your pension like so many others in this heinous crime.
You guys should be ashamed of what you have done.
Your Lt stay on an off-duty construction site detail for over two hours and you justify it by saying he is not a first responder. I hope when you do your speaking engagements you share that will all our other law enforcement police chiefs and officers so they can have a great laugh.
You and vance are at the head of the line and you know it. The truth will get out sooner or later.
Hope you sleep well you coward.

George Jones said...


Thanks for that. I still see zero evidence that he was involved with Columbine. Do you have any information for that?


George Jones said...

Here is an instance where I can see why he might be ignored when he phrases questions in such a manner:

From: Wolfgang Halbig
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2013 08:43:53 -0500
To: Sally Cox
Subject: SHS Parent Contact

I am a trainer for the US Justice Department COPS IN SCHOOL PROGRAM.

Are you a registered Nurse?

Why in the closet for four hours?

Why close your eyes when you have seen blood before you are a nurse?

Wolfgang W halbig

****************************** (

Amanda said...


Why don't you call him and ask him yourself. He's been quite open and has posted his email and phone number in various places:

If you actually read through the letters posted at the above link, you can find Wolfgang's email and his phone number.

George Jones said...


Deanna is trying to reach him by phone and I already asked her if she would kindly ask him the following:

"One question I would have for Halbig is in what way was he involved with Columbine and where is his proof?"

It sounds like it's in the making but we shall wait and see.


Amanda said...

There's some evidence out there suggesting that Sandy Hook may not have been an operational school. On the site with "official evidence" from the CT Police, scroll down to the "CDMCS Outdoor Scene Processing" video, which was taken 12/14/12. This video goes around the entire school and there were NO decorations (holiday or otherwise) in any of the windows, which is HIGHLY UNUSUAL for an elementary school. Plus, it looks like things were piled up in front of the windows, which again, makes it look like the school may not have been operational.
I also found the comment below on Professor Tracy's blog, which again speaks to the idea that Sandy Hook may not have been an operational school
Patrick says:

February 22, 2014 at 7:07 am

I still remain stuck on the parking lot, lophatt. Bureaucrats are very reliable. They go by the book with the most annoying fastidiousness, and the book at issue here is the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, which mandated that handicapped parking spots in public parking lots be painted blue.
It is inconceivable that a public grammar school would ignore that requirement for more than two decades.
I am not the one around here who first noticed the anomalous parking lot, but ever since this was pointed out it has struck me as definitive evidence that the building, if it was used for anything, had not been used as a school since the 1980s at the latest. I’d call it proof.

Deanna said...

Amanda, Please review and where I address some of those issues that you bring up.

Beep said...

Wolfgang Halbig is angry because people are saying that Columbine was a hoax. Oh the irony.

Deanna said...

Halbig: “My father spent four years in a Nazi prison camp so I know personally that if you or we ever stop asking questions and stop challenging those in power we the people are no longer free and will no longer be safe.”

Deanna said...


"So that was from around September 2012. Then, three months later, the Sandy Hook mass killings occur, and Jewish political activists such as Halbig realise that they can exploit the event for a propaganda advantage." Update: "It turns out that Wolfgang Halbig is not only Jewish, but was already an activist working to advance Jewish political interests as early as September 2012, months before Sandy Hook. He hates Obama, and was angry that someone did not kill Hitler, which he claims would have saved 6 million of 'our' people." On July 24, 2012, Halbig was attempting to solicit money from gullible folk, by exploiting a post about a genuine donations campaign:
Please donate and investigate what we can do in saving children from committing suicide. I need $100,000 thousand dollars [sic] and probably pay it back once the company is up and running. Wolfgang More recently, he hopes to part Sandy Hookers from their money. On his interview by Dave Gahary, Halbig says [21:36] "Well, I think the next thing I'm gonna do is, right now I'm gonna try to raise a lot of money, some funds. I think there are a lot of people out there who really, really believe in learning the truth. You know, they call them conspiracy nuts; they call them all kind of names... [...] But here's my point: What I'm trying to do is raise a lot of money."

Beep said...

He's reeling them in on Facebook, asking for donations for his "Sandy Hook Justice Trust"

"Wolfgang W Halbig
February 22.My mailing address is 25526 Hawks Run Lane, Sorrento, Florida if anyone is interested in helping hire attorney's and start to file Civil Law suits. It is I believe the only way to get their attention by having them raise their right hand under oath.

If you want to help make sure that it is in the name of Sandy Hook Justice Trust and I will have a Paypal account which I am being told that is how it is done these days.

Thanks and keep up in helping me solve this Sandy Hook Puzzle.


George Jones said...

I hate to say it but that is a slam dunk on old Halbig. Wow Deanna. :)

Pat Colo said...

So to round up some of Wolfgang's "potential liabilities":

1. From his writings both before and after he rose to prominence in SH truth seeker circles (after = nazi prison camps & his family refs at ),
it appears he's most likely Jewish. The host and/or callers can nail this down in his next interview. This commenter asked the question but it went unanswered:

2. He's a Holocaustianity true-believer, as well as believing the associated EEEEEVIL Hitler/Nazis mythology which post WW2 Westerners are marinated in from cradle to grave. I was too until the past several years, and I have family a couple decades older than Halbig who still are. It's "the norm" among jooz & gentiles alike in the West.

3. He's seeking to raise funds, ostensibly to eventually pay lawyers to launch a civil trial where key S.Hoax players are deposed under oath, which he imagines to be the holy grail which will cause the unraveling of S.Hoax.

Personally, my biggest concern would be item #3. I would tell Halbig the same as I responded last July when MCPiper, supporter of's official S.Hoax narrative, played a similar card which relied on the assumption that our courts are all about truth & justice, ref:

"So in Piper's June 30 podcast above, in his opening remarks he "throws down the gauntlet" so to speak, noting that there are charity funds now being dispersed to the "victims" of the Boston bombing (hoax...), and that true skeptics of the event should challenge this in court for fraud, inferring that skeptics' failure to do so successfully would prove our insincerity/craziness, while also proving the legitimacy of the (S.Hook psyop and) Boston bombing (psyop)!

So, Piper is suddenly inferring that the judeo-masonic court system has integrity, such that they will save us from these recent bolshevik false flag hoax/psyops! Just like how the judeo-masonic courts saved us from post-9/11 psyop tyranny, eh Piper?! "

No MCP, and no WWH, the courts will only protect & enshrine's official hoaxes!

As to Halbig's "depositions under oath as holy grail" bit, recall the image of those, what, 5 or 7 tobacco CEOs lined up before congress, perjuring themselves one after the next? Did they commit felonies & consequently go to jail? Did cigarettes magically become safe because they said so "under oath"? lol. All clues I see suggest Halbig may suffer from "Mayberry Syndrome"; Piper, not so much...

Pat Colo said...

So what do these ^ truths change about the validity of the questions Halbig is asking about S.Hoax? I don't see that they change anything. I believe he was touting 7 questions, all of which I can't recall atm, but they included:

- WHO was the MD on the scene at SHES who declared all of those 27 bodies dead, within 11 minutes of the shooting?

- WHY were no medivac helicopters summoned to SHES, given the early unknowns of the situation

- WHERE is any video footage of 500+ students being evac'd from SHES & meeting with their relieved families?

- WHEN, BY WHAT CONTRACTOR, AND AT WHAT COST was the fancy new state of the art camera security system installed at SHES?

- WHO cleaned up the est ~50 gallons of blood at SHES? (I vaguely recall some nominal answer may have been given to... Kelly from Tulsa? Either case I believe Halbig is seeking paperwork.)

...I'd have to go find Halbig's other items wherever they are; but those questions ought to be plenty for Deanna & Co's ongoing S.Hoax research, which have obviously thus far been 2nd priority, after researching & exposing Wolfgang W. Halbig (GASP!).

George Jones said...

I find it a bit ironic that you talk about other people's joowey gambits but when the proof shows that Halbig had joowey gambit joowey motives you make every excuse for him. Can you name five jews who have changed their position on the holoco$t? A jew is always a jew first so I'm not sure where you are going with your defense of Halbig.

Also, all of these are questions that you have asked/Halbig has asked is not proof of a conspiracy but simply unanswered questions.

Myself, I will continue to research these unknowns but so far you have to admit that Deanna has done a good job in 2-radio shows erasing doubts about a hoax. There is more to come so perhaps these questions will be answered.

Deanna said...

Tyranny News, I am assuming that you are Peter Klein who created SANDY HOOK - CREATING REALITY? You said, "In thinking about this further, I think the comparison you've drawn is just too abstract. Sofia is an individual and shouldn't be expected to act as responsibly as the government and media should, but consistently fail to do." In as much as she is attempting to gain or maintain trust and credibility in the alternative media, perhaps she should act even more responsibly than people in the MSM. People expect some deception and misreporting from the MSM. People then abandon the MSM and put considerable, often unquestionable trust, in those in the alternative media. Don't you think that people should be able to trust those in the alternative media? Don't you think that we should hold people in the alternative media to an even higher standard than the very people they are attempting to refute? People do not like to be fooled, whether by the MSM or those in the alternative media. Your comments appear to be an admission that she has used deception. Is my assumption correct or have I misunderstood you?

George Jones said...

So one of the questions which appears to be Halbig's #1 question about helicoptors is debunked more or less below. I don't support the site but I have to say that the guy makes some valid points. Rather than reiterate it please visit this link. I had nothing else to go by and this is the first person to tackle this so sometimes 'opposing' sides can be right...Don't shoo the messenger!

"WHY were no medivac helicopters summoned to SHES, given the early unknowns of the situation"

George Jones said...

Things are looking too good for Halbig:

Wolfgang Halbig - Fact Checking the Expert Opinion on the Sandy Hook Final Report

Deanna said...

I am scheduled to interview Halbig in a Spingola Special tomorrow at 2 pm (CST). He was supposed to be on the Alex Jones program today but called in right before to cancel, saying that he had a family situation that prevented him from being on the program. Hopefully, it is not anything too serious and he will be able to be my guest tomorrow.

George Jones said...

Hi Deanna,

Did Wolfgang back out entirely?


George Jones

George Jones said...

Never mind me Deanna. I see he never answered your phone call.

TyrannyNews said...

"Your comments appear to be an admission that she has used deception. Is my assumption correct or have I misunderstood you?"

Where in what I stated could you come close to that assumption? No. Of course not. Personally, if a friend were to lie to me they would likely cease to be a friend. Sofia remains a good friend.

Engaging people like yourself over these issues is just disgusting to me and I really think this is the hardest part of my endeavor to expose criminal authority. I don't think of my personal empathy for others as a game, nor do I think it's jolly fun to be witnessing this volleying of arguments that appear to be nothing more than deception to hide one's intent.

I'm proud of my statements made online, on air, in my video narrations, personally to all I've spoken to on these issues. I'm standing tall and understand very well that that I am alone and not typical of these times. Sofia is her own person, and I've never assumed her to be speaking for me and neither do I speak for her.

I hope that, to hear me say I stand by what I've said and done it causes you to ask yourself if you can. There's nothing I can fathom, and I'm a very creative person that you could be motivated by that could justify deception. If you're in too deep, then I could understand to a degree. But, I'm scaling back my attempts to temper the sharing of my true suspicions. Even still, you'll note that I don't call for anyone to RIP, or revel in defeating someone's arguments.

They say the truth hurts, and I know it must because it hurts just to say it. You're not a positive force in this world. I swear on my life to be telling the truth as best I know it. I won't ask you to do the same, but you can start thinking about it.