February 06, 2014

After Failed Geneva Talks, U.S. Steps Up Threats Against Syria

The reason for the collapse of the negotiations was clear. The talks began with a ceremonial session in which US Secretary of State issued an ultimatum that the Syrian regime had to accept the removal from power of President Bashar al-Assad and the installation of a puppet of Washington’s choosing. Throughout the rest of the talks, the Western-backed “rebels” of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) followed Washington’s script, insisting on the ouster of Assad as a pre-condition for any agreements, while the negotiators of the Syrian regime insisted on a common declaration calling for an end to violence and terrorism.
In the final days of the talks, Washington staged a deliberate provocation by revealing that it has resumed arms shipments to the “rebels,” and that the US Congress recently approved secret legislation providing aid and funding for the anti-regime forces through September. This aid supplements the billions of dollars’ worth of arms and funding being funneled into Islamist militias by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, with the CIA’s collaboration.
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Unknown said...

Fucking jew controlled US gov criminals have no intention to make peace with either Syria or Iran. They will keep hostilities going until they can figure a way to put American boots on the ground in both countries.

Anonymous said...

If the cabal does anything to Syria that it is not ALREADY doing--escalating--, then it will most likely lead to a genuine world war, simply because the false-flag chemical-attack was exposed for what it was, and a MULTITUDE of evidence that what is happening in Syria, and everywhere else, for that matter, is all orchestrated.

There are simply far too many people who know the truth now, and there is simply no gray-area to this issue. The cabal has fucked-up and exposed themselves in so many different ways, even the stupid- and ignorant-masses KNOW that what happened in Syria not only doesn't make any sense, but has been shown to be a false-flag attack!!! That is the-God's-honest-truth, and if any of you had taken-the-time to read the comments of various articles at Yajoo! "news", you would know what I am saying is the good news of all of this that it is.