February 06, 2014

Don’t Laugh! It’s “Anti-Semitic”! - International Zionism’s Crusade Against Dieudonné and The Global Jewish Assault On Freedom of Speech

Is it not astounding, nay, the very apogee of mind-boggling, that “democracy”, the globe’s dominant political model, in which “freedom of speech” is a central if not foundational tenet, is vehemently and vitriolically doing all that it can, wherever its outposts are throughout the world, to silence, nay, eradicate, one particular criticism and ipso facto anyone who has the nobleness to promulgate the aforesaid criticism?
Indeed, it was the 18th century French philosopher Voltaire who famously said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
Mention Zionism, “Israel”, Judaism and the supremacy inherent to the religion-culture under the doctrine of “chosen-ness”, Jewish power or Jewishness in any “activist” circle, let alone any mainstream avenue, and you will be hexed and cast out quicker than you can even blink. The “Z”, “I” and “J” words are tantamount to career suicide at best and a terribly real threat to one’s life at worst.
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Aleksa said...

This will all backfire to them!
This is begining of the end of their INCESTOID world power!!WORLD IS AWAKENING!

rodin said...

good article

Unknown said...

This is brilliant. watch:


I'm getting to like this guy more and more.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%, Mr. Aleska, and have been saying for a while now that the cabal has pushed, and pushed, and pushed, some more, TOO MANY TIMES, and now the masses are beginning to push-back, and the shit-is-getting-real, now.

Their lies are falling-apart IN ALL DIRECTIONS, primarily because of their hubris, as has been their down-fall throughout the millennia.
They always believe that they are so close to their goal that there is no need to be so secretive and coy, and they become careless and nonchalant about their demonic evil, and THAT is when, EVERY SINGLE TIME, that the human-race wakes-up and realizes what has been done to it/us, and everything begins to change, VERY, VERY RAPIDLY.


NB: The holyhoax is quite possibly the easiest-to-prove of all of the lies, especially when it is they who tried to pull this shit around WWI, but failed because people were still very jew-wise, even then.