Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Family looks for answers after loved one dies in police custody

MOORE, Okla. – Detectives are now investigating a family’s claim that their father was beaten to death by several Moore Police officers around midnight Saturday, reports CBS affiliate KWTV.

Nair Rodriguez told KWTV that incident started after she slapped her daughter Lunahi Rodriguez at the Warren Theater in Moore, Okla. early Saturday morning and then stormed away. Her husband, Luis Rodriguez, then chased after her into the theater’s parking lot, where he was confronted by police asking to see his information, the family said.

Nair and Lunahi said Luis tried to bypass the officers and stop his wife before she drove away in anger. That’s when the officers took him down and started beating him, according to the family.

Lunahi Rodriguez said her father was beaten to death by five Moore police officers in the movie theater parking lot. 

“When they flipped him over you could see all the blood on his face… he was disfigured, you couldn’t recognize him,” Lunahi said.

Nair Rodriguez said she recorded the beating with her cell phone, which police confiscated.

“I saw him. His [motionless] body when people carry it to the stretcher… I knew that he was dead,” Nair told KWTV.

Nair said that her husband’s only intention was to break up the fight between herself and her daughter.

“I told [police] I hit her and he was just trying to reach me. Why didn’t they arrest me?” she said.

“My mom was taking a video and asking, ‘What are they doing this for? Why?’” Lunahi said. “They didn’t really give an explanation.”

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Cops like to kneel on your chest with all their weight to stop your breathing and render you unconscious or dead. 

I believe this is what happened to this guy and it's obvious the guy is already dead when they claim he's resisting and put the cuffs on him. They even prop him up to make it look likes he's alive when it's clear he's not breathing. 

I don't think the cops here intended to kill the guy, but it's obvious they knew what they had done and are more worried about covering up their actions then they are about saving this guys life. Instead of giving him CPR they continued to kneel on him and act as if he was alive.


RJ said...

this is absolutely so fucking god damned upsetting. This is almost too much too bear. My heart goes out to this woman and her family. I hope these officers are all fired and sent to some illegal israeli settlement , because thats where the fuck they belong. I spit in the eye of these sons of bitches.

1776blues said...

The cops may like to kneel on people but in this case the wife clearly says the cops were beating on him. Another report I heard said the mother and daughter couldn't tell it was Luis because his face was badly beaten.

I'm pretty sure the domestic dispute report identified two females, so why question Luis. Regardless of that, the man did nothing wrong, but because he didn't bow down to the steroid laced Police, they decided to beat him down.

In the video, the cop seemed more interested in blocking the wife from video taping her husband and kept asking her for ID, then takes her phone. At that point or even sooner the cops already knew the guy was dead.

Meanwhile the cops are on paid vacation while Luis is dead and gone. Of course and as usual, the Police Chief defended his goon squad.

Hopefully the theater's video footage will show more as evidence for the lawsuit that will be filed. Maybe the cops should be named in a personal and separate lawsuit. I want to hear the 911 call to see if it states two females.

Roy said...

In all likely hood, the outcome will be a $10,000,000 settlement at TAX PAYER expense and the cops will get reassigned to a different department; or be hired by some company like Craft International.

I believe this family in this case actually deserves 10 million, but not at my expense. It is too bad these cops don't have "skin in the game". Maybe they would think twice about shooting dogs and killing people. No repercussions for these goons. They can get away with just about anything.

This place is a nightmare.