February 26, 2014

France Watch: Comedian Ignites Mass Protests; jew world order Opposition Rising Dramatically

French comedian Dieudonné has set France on fire. His persecution by the government of President François Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande has become a catalyst causing massive crowds to protest in the streets against what the French perceive to be a Jewish stranglehold over their country’s politics and freedom of expression.
Dieudonné’s genius with the quenelle is that he has found clever ways to get around France’s “Holocaust” denial laws by creating a gesture that can be perceived as an “up yours” to the establishment while at the same time an upside-down Nazi salute.
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Anonymous said...

For those FEW people who are not aware, "Dieudonne" means "God-given", or "gift-from-God", and THIS MAN ABSOLUTELY IS A GIFT FROM GOD, and I am saying this as a true statement, and not an adage or saying, hence the lack of hyphens!

GOD BLESS DIEUDONNE! Not only that, but the main premise of the article is ABSOLUTELY correct, as the entire planet IS awakening to the big-picture of what has been done to it, and especially those responsible. There are still far too few people, for my satisfaction, who are "wise", but the numbers of those who are is only ever going to increase the more the FACTS and TRUTHS reach them.

Thank you, ONCE AGAIN, Mr. Whooli, for another critically-important contribution. You are the best!