March 07, 2014

Full proof sandy hook was closed 5 yrs ago*/


Scott said...

Oh for Christs sake!

Whooli is a bit of a shit stirrer eh?

Amanda said...

Whooli- Thanks for posting. This info is consistent with all the other evidence of the school not being operational. The place was in deplorable condition, countless fire code violations. There's no way in hell people living in an affluent area would ever send their kids to such a dilapidated, mold-infested school.

More evidence on the hoax is here:

RJ said...

this isn't even close to proof of a damn thing. Are you fucking kidding me? An Aussy putting together a video and claiming its proof. Usiung comic book names and relating it with the SH storyline. This calendar view maps the number of times was crawled by the Wayback Machine, not how many times the site was actually updated. More info in the FAQ. I can't believe I even watched this. I'm done for sure now. Sick of pointing out the obvious to people who dont even bother to do their own research. Took me 14 seconds to debunk this one. IABATT

rodin said...

Yeah RJ I guess wyback just dropped SH from their mining for 5 years. What a coincidence.

Christopher Marlowe said...

The proof is sublime. The wayback machine isn't perfect, but it doesn't lie:

The site was accessed each year, from 2000 to 2008, and then NOTHING until 2013.

The wayback machine uses the googlebot crawls to preserve pictures of the site on a given day. (Brief research reveals that the bots record a snapshot when the site is updated, but my own testing shows that there is a heavy tie-in to the amount of web traffic. For example, iamthewitness has a steady stream of snapshots dating back to 2005. Mami's site is updated very frequently, but seems to get crawled only once a month.)

Other dead sites show a drop-off similar to what we see in the sandy hoax school:

Or let's compare apples to apples, shall we?*/*/*/*/*/*/

George Jones said...

I hate to disappoint you all but here you have it:

rodin said...

@ George Jones

Which is more likely? Website built to support a hoax, or the internet activity of a genuine working school being zero for 5 years?

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