Friday, March 7, 2014

Killer Hospitals

Rampant hospital infections, which suddenly kill unsuspecting patients, even those who were expected to live, are the nation’s fourth leading preventable cause of death, ahead of heart disease, cancer and stroke. The inescapable irony is that people go to hospitals to treat the first three causes and too often die from the fourth.
We’ve reached the point where it’s time for the people to decide—once and for all—whether the dominant allopathic medical system should be allowed to keep its own monopoly on health. This is a crucial question, given that the allopathic method simply treats symptoms and not the root causes of illness, marginalizes or ignores natural treatments and keeps often-dangerous prescription drugs flowing.          ***Read full article here***


Anonymous said...

I really need to say something on this, since I know "a little" about medicine, health, and nutrition...

While in a Bangkok hospital trying desperately to find-out what was killing me, the muscle-specialist LITERALLY told me, "You should go home and die."

I am not exaggerating. I am not mis-remembering. This is what he said to me--to my face. While I know that this was a mis-translation, and what he MEANT to say was, "Go home and make your final arrangements", what he said is what he said, and it shows, sadly, the vast majority of doctors are simply unable, OR UNWILLING, to take-the-time to really do everything that he/she can do to help save a patient who is there for extra-ordinary reasons.

After he said what he said, I told him, "FUCK THAT!!! I am not going to go home and die, Doctor, I am going to go home to find a way to live, since you and the rest of the people here are unable to help me!!" I was very hurt, and I was PISSED. I then went home and spent THREE SOLID WEEKS of 10-12-14 hour days researching all of my symptoms, how the organs work, medical journals to familiarize myself with the energy-productions systems--there are two, primarily, but the Krebs cycle is most well-known--, reading anecdotes from people with various problems to see where I could incorporate their treatments into my own, and self-experimentation with MANY different herbs, supplements, amino-acids, vitamins, and minerals.

I was literally on-my-death-bed in September, 2011, and here I am now, in March, 2014, still alive and functioning at a "decent" level.

Folks, I need you to understand something very seriously: IF I WOULD BEEN ONE OF THE STUPID- AND IGNORANT-MASSES, AND RELIED SOLELY UPON THE "DOCTORS"--I saw SIX (6), with five (5) specialists in Bangkok--, I WOULD HAVE DIED BY SOMETIME IN OCTOBER, 2011, FROM HEART-FAILURE. There is no speculation. There is no supposition. There is nothing but the stark-cold reality that the doctors had given-up on me, simply because my "case" was "too difficult" for them to take-the-time to truly discover what was killing me, and even more importantly, to recommend NATURAL REMEDIES, primarily supplements like the ubiquinol/ubiquinone for my heart and energy-production, IN LARGE DOSES, to stabilize my failing heart and do SOMETHING to increase my depleted energy reserves. The doctors would have, in-reality, been the ones who would have been ULTIMATELY responsible for my death, due to them not informing me of the very simple things that I needed to do to, AT THE VERY LEAST, prolong my life by a few years, and very significantly increase my quality-of-life.

My situation is very different than most people, primarily because there are not many suffering from a severe and fatal disease, but let me tell you this: If/when any of you DO have to deal with this, whenever that time may be, you damned-well better take into consideration what I have said here, and deeply reflect on just how little seemingly most doctors care about the patient, primarily because of over-load. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to save yourself, ultimately, and that is exactly what I did, LITERALLY.

For those who want to know what I did to save myself, and learn A LOT about nutrition, supplementation, and how the body works, you can read my story here:


NB: Folks, take very seriously what I said here. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to protect your health, and the doctors are NO GUARANTEE of ANYTHING, as proven by them having given-up on me, and literally telling me to "Go home and die."

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lindsey for taking responsibility for your own health and yes, your very life. Your advice should be heeded by all.
My Mother came from a very large family and had several sisters. One sister was told by "the experts" that she should make her final arrangements because her heart was so enlarged and weak there was nothing they could do for her.
She started to eat one raw clove of garlic a day because she had read that garlic could make her heart stronger.
She was the last of the sisters to die at the age of 84.
That was my first lesson in taking responsibility for your own wellness.