March 27, 2014

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.03.26

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Lyndon LaRouche - The World At The Edge

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Anonymous said...

Lyndon LaRouche is a very insidious Zionist disinformation agent, constantly talking about a British conspiracy, saying Britain is controlling Obama.

Here's what Dr. Stan Monteith, an avowed Christian Zionist, with sincere (albeit misguided) Zionist beliefs said, that LaRouche is part of the controlled opposition.

He keeps saying Obama needs to be impeached, or else WWIII is coming, acting as if it matters much who the figurehead is when it's the same people behind the scenes running things, and Joe Biden would become the next President anyway.

Anonymous said...

Here's a summary I made of some of his disinfo. It's only entertaining when you realize it as being disinfo.

8m - Claims Cheney covered up 9/11 that Saudis did with British backing
20m - Said European Union is a colony of the British Empire
28m - Said the only thing stopping Obama going to thermonuclear war are generals around him
29m - Rense asked about Biden taking over, but LaRouche said forget about him, it goes beyond personality
31m - Says the British Empire is the new Roman Empire - says it was designated so when we (U.S.) went to war against them
32m - Said it's a fact that most U.S. presidents were agents of the British Empire
33m - Said President Wilson was a wild Ku Klux Klaner
34m - Said FDR was a good president
38m - Said we can defeat long period of death of civilization if we pass Glass-Steagall and have a thermonuclear fusion project

So they were dancing Saudis and British and not Dancing Israelis on 9/11? And Michael Chertoff and others are actually dual citizens of the U.S. and Saudi Arabia?

His claim that the European Union is a British colony is so laughable when you consider that Britain's application to the European Community was vetoed twice by DeGaulle and Britain is one of the most, if not the most, Euroskeptic nation in the EU, and they aren't even part of the Euro, plus they have common law unlike the civil code in continental Europe.

His claim that the British Empire is the new Roman Empire is so laughable when you consider the subservient role Churchill took to FDR during WWII, and that the U.S. had the world's largest share of GDP at the time, as China and India did at the start of the 1700s. The UK Pound lost its world reserve currency status after WWII, they lost control of so many colonies, they were told to get out of the Suez Canal.

It'd be funny if he wasn't actually fooling tens if nut hundreds of thousands of people and still taking their money.

Anonymous said...

I WAS one of those fools who believed la Rouche, but very quickly realized that he is a GOD DAMNED LIAR/OBFUSCATOR, and had nothing more to do with him very quickly after "discovering" the jewish problem.


Anonymous said...

I got to ask --

Did Rense ever correct the information???

Anonymous said...

@ Roy Hobs,

No, he didn't, and that's what made it even worse!

He kept calling him by the nickname "Lyn", and said he was an "honored guest".

Unknown said...

can someone upload it so i can hear it