March 30, 2014

Spingola Speaks 2014.03.30

Guest: Deanna, Wade and Keith Johnson talk about Sandy Hook

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rodin said...

Halbeg v Wade is a distraction

Christopher Marlowe said...

Listening to the Wade/Johnson windbag. At 5:41, Wade just finished saying that the FBI 109 from 173 pages after an FOI report. This was to answer question 1, which was directed the FBI field office to classify the sandy hoax report, and why would the FBI classify the Sandy Hoax report? Then Spingola says question 1 has been answered?!?! They didn't answer SH*T. The report is classified. The FBI withheld 64 pages!

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Wolfgang Halbig is a Opportunist,, Non-Factor once you see him for what he really is!

Love Ms Spingola's work, But will have to Agree to Disagree when it comes to Sandy!

Anyone looking for some Cheap Parts for a Boeing 777?
Some guy in Israel is selling parts on Craigslist cheaper then you can find them at a Diego Garcia garage sale.

rodin said...

as per first post

Wayback machine shows no internet traffic 2008 to 2013.


Clothes and styles seemed "dated". This I have seen mentioned often. Since "American fashion" is an oxymoron I am no expert there. However it seems most logical to place the evacuation exercise to back before the school closed. Why then the more recent influx of players via the Christmas Day Free Mortgage phenomenon? Maybe they needed reliable (ie Jewish) actors to play parts for the media. Possibly those homes were inventory bought by the crisis acting team.

Now that the rogue Renegade issue is not taking all the attention I predict, let's see, 8 responses? It would be a bit much to hope for 10+ this time, but you never know.....

George Jones said...

Another great show by Deanna. I think this should finally put to rest the Sandy Hook so called hoax that so many gullible people were attracted too. Believe me, cognitive dissonance is alive and well. I even believed the official 9-11 story once upon a time lol

George Jones said...

On a side note, it's nice to see Mami's Shit has posted this but so many people will miss out on this little gem and will promote the 'hoax' theory for some time to come. If you run across any hoaxers I would send this file to them.

reenie said...

You might be wrong.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

I find it funny, that some People think this Sandy deal is a Make or Break moment in History, while forgetting that most Americans have the attention span of a House Fly.

FYI: Alternative forms of gathering Information is taking hold... People are Demanding a Refund on their Media Educations!

Its all Good :)

Anonymous said...

I even believed the official 9-11 story once upon a time lol

And you still apparently believe in the official Sandy Hook story.


Unknown said...

I'd be wise if you people in the evil empire focused on important issues, instead of being busy with yourselves.

Your criminal governments preparing for war with Russia.

Sanctions will lead to war, look at history. They did it with Germany and Japan, Iraq, Libya, Syria... when will you act, and remove these warmongering criminals?
Ukraine, and Transnistria will be same problem. They asked for membership to Russian Federation March 17th.
It is all about US/UK military advancement and US missiles. but the continental Europeans are supposed to be cannon fodder.
If they get their will, there won't be much left of us all.
Oh, and this war would be felt in the US too, have no illusions.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Nach: Israel would never let anything happen to America!

Americans just have to show President Vladimir Putin, One photo of the USS LIBERTY or the Twin Towers and Putin will be packing for the Hills!

So don't underestimate the power of American Allies!!

Unknown said...


Yeah, yeah, the Israelis will do this and that.

get real, the US Mrs Nudelmann-Kagan(ovich) installed a jew oligarch junta in Ukraine, and these people are crazy, same as all the european puppets.

Evrything points to war, it classic british imperial strategy, and they are will to risk a war with the Russians.

Get real, the Russians will hit you back, and some messianic jewish loons of chabad will cheer it, from Moscow.

People, you ate naive, and still have not really understood the enemy.

George Jones said...

buelahman said...
I even believed the official 9-11 story once upon a time lol

"And you still apparently believe in the official Sandy Hook story."


Excuse me? Did you even listen to this? They carefully answered each question that HalBIG posed and furthermore deconstructed the fallacies put forth by the hoaxers. If you have a problem call in Deanna or Keith's show and confront them with your concerns. (but you won't)

Pat Colo said...

"Excuse me? Did you even listen to this? They carefully answered each question that HalBIG posed and furthermore deconstructed the fallacies put forth by the hoaxers."

They ran their same old worn out shtick; propping up djooz & your official SHoax narrative, by ref'ing "official reports" & "news" stories... pretending these "sources" are holier than the talmud itself! Zzzzz.

"If you have a problem call in Deanna or Keith's show and confront them with your concerns. (but you won't)"

Tellingly, DS took NO CALLERS. I wonder how many callers were in the queue, waiting for DS to fulfill her promise at the opening (said she'd take calls in the third hour) and again at the top of the 3rd hour (said she'd take calls beginning BOTTOM of the 3rd hour)?! So what happened in this last half hour? They continued to blow-hard through the end of the show, ignoring DS's promises to take callers! Actually taking random unknown callers, could end up jeopardizing their talmudic shtick, after all!! lol

^ beginning about 1hr 23mins, Fetcho & Kaminski talk SHoax and the laughably untenable position taken by DS, KJ, MCP & MG; with Fetcho even saying he scratched his head to the point of bleeding, confounded by DS's new position on SHoax. They note the oddity of these 4 prominent alt-media voices so vehement about supporting djooz' official SHoax story... and implying without saying, that they've been gotten to... hear hear!!

"Forum Shill gets Busted: ATS and GLP Censor to Cover his Tracks"

Spingola Jumps Shark, Supports's Official Sandy Hook Story

Christopher Marlowe said...

George Jones said: "Excuse me? Did you even listen to this? They carefully answered each question that HalBIG posed and furthermore deconstructed the fallacies put forth by the hoaxers."

I don't think YOU listened to the show. Read my comment above. They failed on the first one out of the box. They are doing a sloppy Nizkor-type of "debunking" that is just stupid enough to reassure the converted.

I stopped listening after the first couple of fails. Did they explain why the Sandy Hoax website was DOWN FOR SIX YEARS?

Deanna said...

We did not have any callers. Pat, perhaps you should have called into the program. Also, please see:

Anonymous said...

Once again, you people go around-and-around spinning-your-wheels and wasting your time with this psychological-operation.

Aren't you sick of the bullshit, YET?


NB: Just as Brother Mark Glenn says, "Far too many people in this 'movement' view the fight as nothing more than entertainment, primarily because they do not watch teLIEvision, and contribute NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE to the efforts against our common-enemy, but stir-shit and start controversy just to perpetuate their sickening entertainment".

That is, of course, not a direct-quote, but is pretty damned close to what he has said, and is 100% correct. You people need to just let this go and focus on much tangible things that are NOT going to cause division and problems, but that would be asking for far too much from this joke of a "movement" that I have seen get worse and worse ever since I tried warning you people to stay on-focus for YEARS, now, and come together, instead of falling for the demons walking-on-two-legs' strategem of divide-and-conquer.

Pat Colo said...

Deanna, besides your show airing live at an obscene hour here in Asia; I also can't hang with the comm breaks. I mute them but seldom fail to un-mute on time and miss big chunks of real show. MP3s are the only way to listen for me.

I'd still be interested to hear your answer to this question which I've asked multiple times before in mami's comments (ref: ):

"[...] those following this saga know Deanna has repeatedly declared to the effect of, "I never said I support the government's Sandy Hook Story!". I distinctly recall her writing this in a Mamis comment, though finding WHICH SHOW would require more time than I have atm.

So this seeming "supporting of both sides" beckons the question, on which "S.Hoax anomalies" issues are you in support of S.Hoax skeptics? Which specific aspects of's official S.Hoax narrative do you disbelieve (ref: 'I never said I support the government's Sandy Hook Story!')? Where do you and the S.Hoax skeptics share common ground? "

Beep said...

Fetcho and Kaminski apparently are unaware that even Smallstorm has repudiated Halbig and his "16 questions". Fetzer has fallen out with Smallstorm over it, calling her a traitor and an attention seeker.

Looking forward to Halbig and Fetzer going to SH to find out the real truth behind burning questions such as who ordered the SH PortaPotties!

Pat Colo said...

^ " Fetcho and Kaminski apparently are unaware that even Smallstorm has repudiated Halbig and his "16 questions". "

Bullshit. Your SOURCE for the bolded portion above, plz??

Separately, Deanna did the first half hour on Sanshilli's show yesterday.

Sanshilli's the first interview I've heard who's challenged Deanna on her complete blind faith & reliance on's "official reports" & "news" stories, in supporting her proclaimed S.Hoax beliefs. Deanna gave some quite absurd "responses", lol.

Beep said...

You know the source perfectly well. And Fetzer believes it or he wouldn't have sent his email excommunicating Smallstorm out.

Your sycophantic whining to Fetzer about Halbig posting his email dissing Smallstorm is hilarious. Could you get any deeper up Fetzer's ass?

Unknown said...

Sandy Hook Noser Hoaxer's make me laugh. They take themselves and their ridiculous theory so seriously. LMAO

Pat Colo said...

^^ Beep: "You know the source perfectly well."

Why did I already intuit that you'd dodge/play-dumb on the question? I want to hear your SOURCE for your claim that "Smallstorm has repudiated [Halbig and] his "16 questions". " It's the "16 questions" part I want sourced, Beep... duh! Let's all watch how artfully Beep dodges it this time... lol.

And if you characterize this: as brown-nosing Fetzer; well that goes some ways towards explaining your (and Aleksa's and the Consti2tionalist/ExposeSupremacism/Rockclimber/George Jones/Ar Seeus barnyard of sockpuppets...) publicly paraded S.Hoax delusions in these mami's comments. The only sycophantic salad tossing going on, is your cabal's loyal servicing DJOOZ and their laughable S.Hoax narrative! ;)

Latest updates at "Spingola Jumps Shark, Supports's Official Sandy Hook Story" begin here:

zapoper said...

No need to spam this site Pat. Your numbers are bigger than ours.

Unbelievable. I knew that you wouldn't be able to resist this because you're an obsessed troll.

Maybe I should ban every proxy under the sun but that's impossible so I guess I'll have to delete your shit when I see it. LOL

Here is some free advertizing for your shit hole over there:!&p=698738#post698738

So tell me Pat. Do you have a life or are just trolling all day long???

1776blues said...

Pat is a lonely old fart who spends his time attacking all who don't believe his opinion of what happened at Sandy Hook and possibly some or all other events the everything is a hoax crowd.

Its alright to question the official story but to claim everything is a hoax is lame.

And what's even more disturbing to learn that Halbig and Fetzer ignored information/answers to some or their questions. Their questions are often repetitive or irrelevant.

I noticed that Fetzer removed many of the interviews he did on the holocaust from his website or so it seems because I can't find them. Then there is the issue of Halbig's father being a holocaust survivor, Halbig's previous fundraiser for the children (forgot what it was for), the lack of photos or videos of his alleged business of training school officials, his website that has almost nothing of substance, and his place of residence; Jew York South aka Florida the preferred retirement state for Jews.

1776blues said...

And this is an interesting read, Halbig is a huckster and liar looking for shekels!

Wolfgang Halbig continues to ruin his own credibility. Yes, I said ruin his own credibility.

First he got him self in trouble by mocking and taunting “Trolls and Shills” literally DARING them to find dirt on him and try to ruin his credibility and long list of credentials. Well, that is exactly what he got! Researchers took to the internet and immediately started digging in. Be careful what you wish for there Halbig. The Conspiracy Community can be quite ruthless at times. The kicker was that most of these people would not even fall under the typical classification of a “Troll” or a “Shill”. Most of them were just concerned folks that wanted to find out just WHO they were giving up their hard earned money and trust to. Is that such a crime?

Secondly, we have the issue of his 16 Questions that MUST be answered. Well, guess what Halbig? Most if not all have and can be answered by reading the Final Report. It may not be the answers people want to hear… but nonetheless the questions have been answered. So how is that going to look when you storm into Newtown demanding answers that are already available eh? Use your head and think just how that is going to look and reflect on the whole “Truth Movement”. People seem to be missing the bigger picture here. Just because Halbig is going to Newtown and may bring some kind of attention to this situation seems to be widely acceptable as a good thing. Even if it ends up being negative attention reflecting on the whole “Truth Movement”? I guess as the ols saying goes…. “Bad attention is better then NO attention at all”. Okey Dokey then.

Beep said...

Fetzer's email trashing Smallstorm is a masterpiece of lies and backstabbery. A warning to others that you will be thrown under the bus if you aren't 100% on-board with his current agenda. The word "dirt" as claimed by Fetzer and Colo did not appear in the original post by xrayultra about the call he received from Smallstorm. Typical Fetzer/Colo smear.

Aleksa said...

LOL,where have i been,what have i missed!!??
OOO ,nothing much,just some daily trolls with a SH syndrome!
OO how i wish to take all of you HOAXERS and FAKERS to fukushima for a moth so you can prove that radio activity and nukes do not exist!
I think that now its clear what and who these morons are!

Anonymous said...

Why can't people just agree-to-disagree, and let us all get-back to fighting for the truths that we CAN PROVE, and bring-back the focus where it belongs--on the cabal?

Can't you people see the REAL agenda with all of the psychological-operations? Seriously, how can you NOT see what is so clear for people like myself?


NB: Everyone has obviously made-up-his-or-her-mind on this issue, so why CONTINUE to perpetuate the animosity that it is causing...unless that is the intent?


Beep said...

The email is a glimpse into Fetzer's modus operandi. Fetzer forms these groups so he can frame the narrative and dominate the debate. The real deal is that Fetzer has the morals of a snake. One minute he's praising you to the high heavens, the next he's throwing you under the bus. His emails read like diktats from the Politburo. Tow the party (Fetzer) line or you're out!

Pat Colo said...

Zap-FREE-SPEECH-Pooper, I know you'll prolly CENSOR this again, same as you have several of my replies above & at the newer Delphi-Dianna [Sunstein-Spingola? hmm...] thread, as SILENCING your opponents is the only defense you poor picked on JOOZ have; ref: -- but just in case: < that's the Official JOO SHoax Report he's holding up there. ;)

1776: your silly ad-hom barrage hasn't made the 16 questions go anywhere...

And your "...but to claim everything is a hoax..." bit is a handsome looking Straw Man; you gonna b/f it first before beating the Straw out of it? Hey, wear yourself out man, lol.

Beep: I repeat:

"Why did I already intuit that you'd dodge/play-dumb on the question? I want to hear your SOURCE for your claim that "Smallstorm has repudiated [Halbig and] his "16 questions". " It's the "16 questions" part I want sourced, Beep... duh! Let's all watch how artfully Beep dodges it this time..."

^ That.

Beep said...

The source of Halbig's 16 questions is Wolfgang Halbig.

/\ That!

zapoper said...

If you'd be civil I wouldn't have to delete your comments Pat. I don't even care about SH either way.