Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.03.25

The end of yesterday's topic and then: Yahweh's blood lust or Exposing the Jew god in all its glory part 1.

Note: The link for iDevice that I was using to record the show doesn't work anymore and so that's why Yesterday's show is missing. I'll post it if they ever get around to updating their archives over there at WARN.

Oracle archive

32k CF Download


Aleksa said...

Will that network ever get their shit together and make Charles avelible to take calls and have guests!
I know that not many networks have balls to have CG as host,thats why i give them credit!
But please,get your shit together and make it easier for CG and us to enjoy!

Ken Horst said...

@ Aleksa. Why does Charles need to be on these "networks"? Why doesn't he just use Talkshoe or BlogTalk radio? Something smells fishy to me... Is he getting PAID by these weird little networks? Charles said that Oracle Broadcasting had JEWISH advertisers/sponsors.

Aleksa said...

Ken Horst@

Well i too wonder why he doesnt use one of these sites to broadcast his shows.
I dont think that any of these litle networks pays him because nobody actualy listens to this network accept people that want to hear CG!

If he was payed or being a shill,he probably would be on some BIG network instead on this unknown one!

I hope he decides to take his show in his own hands and does them on Blogtalk or talkshoe!

Anonymous said...

Today he asked if someone could tell him how he could find out what his skype number was - he has an account but doesnt know the number
perhaps one of the tech-minded peeps here could help - then he could take calls9

Anonymous said...

Ken, you're concerned about Jewish sponsors at the long-defunct Oracle when Blogtalk is Jewish owned?

Did anyone here who is concerned about Oracle's Jewish sponsors donate any money to the network when Charles was concerned he might be taken off the air?

I donated over $800 since that day.


As for Blogtalk, to borrow a phrase I heard from someone else, the audio quality sounds like frying bacon underwater, and there is the risk of being taken down if enough people complain.

Ken Horst said...

@ FauxCapitalist

Have you ever heard of Martin Lindstedt? Somehow he stays on Talkshoe. I have been banned by Talkshoe. I can only listen to archived things for those under 18 years of age.

I did not know BlogTalk was Jew owned. I never really went on there much.

Sad to see you got suckered out of some shekels. Did you grow up giving shekels to Jewish Churches as well?

Anonymous said...

Nice, spin, Ken, to justify not having to back up your words with something tangible like money, if you really care about Charlie getting his message out there.

Research more before suggesting things, and then you'd know who owns BT.

You were also banned on here by foon1e, but it seems he was the one who resigned, so no one is around to delete your ad hominem comments anymore.

Unknown said...

So has Charlie been talking to himself for nearly three weeks?

Haven't been able to listen live at all since the beginning of the month.

Ken Horst said...


I NEVER give money to these parasites on the Internet. I am amazed at those that do. If you think backing up talk is done with money then I suppose you should continue doing that type of behavior.

You are correct, I have been banned many places for telling the truth and upsetting the controlled apple cart. Foon1e just cannot handle truths, it was sad how he much he liked to prevent and ban ideas, truths and individual thoughts.

If Jews own BlogTalk then why do they allow Eli James on there saying that "Jews are of their father the Devil"? Oh thats right Eli James is a Jew whose real name is Joseph November. Rodney Martin seems to be allowed an Anti Jew show on BlogTalk as well. If Charles can be welcomed on an Oracle Broadcast Radio that has Jew Sponsors then I am sure he would be welcomed at BlogTalk.

Don Damore said...

I thought foon1e was AWOL, but now he's MIA. No more 'No Agenda' then?

Never been to their site. Wonder if their stuff is available for free?

zapoper said...

Am I late for the admin get together?

Talk about off topic shit.

Don Damore said...

Sorry, I do like listening to Charlie, and I appreciate very much you making it available for us.

foon1e said...

Apologies for my lack of visibility. Have been on an enforced downtime whilst i waited for Virginmedia to get their shit together and replace my dead modem/router "Superhub". Now back online again(obviously!)
Still posting NoAgenda at my Blog along with the other shows i previously posted here at mami's.
Flophouse link on main mami's page.