April 07, 2014

Adolf Hitler The Hidden Facts About His Reign

*More information here
*Holocaust Hoax information here


Shabigus said...

Blocked in Canada. For our own good I suppose?

Shabigus said...

Wait, I got it. Carry on! Oh I saw a bit of a show on national geographic that claims that human skin lampshades are real and they found one in New Orleans after Katrina. Yep.

Anonymous said...

This man was impressive in many ways. Although there are some things that I would not agree with (in today's world, or in America), there are far more that I would embrace.

And, please. This is not Hitler worship. Just an acknowledgment of the great things he did.

Kennedy was correct and it is only because the same stinking vermin that ruled Post WWI Germany rule here and have brainwashed most Americans about the man, including some that frequent here at Mami's, that he is viewed as "evil".

Anonymous said...