April 07, 2014

RJ exposes himself 4.7.2014

My take on the recent saga. My stance, point of view and an explanation that everyone is gonna be interested in. This reply is genuine. RJ



Anonymous said...

Thanks RJ, I've looked at Horus and BUGS for years. Horus started a free podcast, then quickly went behind a pay firewall. No thanks, Horus.

Only Wotan can sort this mess out.

Off topic:
I Like what Renegade tried to do, and bear no malice toward Kyle and Mike, but our reactive egos will be the death of us.

There's a pure nordic girl I work with, a blonde with baby-blue eyes. When I look into her eyes, I see thousands of years of history-the March of the Titans, and all the battles her ancestors fought that enabled her to be here. I melt when I see her eyes.

This is the choice we have, guys.


I wish we could say--One Reich, One Volk, One Fuerher, but all we have now is our Volk. Let us come together as folk.

Otherwise we'll extinct ourselves in fratricidal wars, such as the Battle of Lookout Mountain during the War of Northern Aggression.


Aleksa said...

Lot of things you said i agree with you!

ConCenStasi said...

whats so wrong with taking naked pictures of yourself and posting them on the web cloud? i have a 2gauge paper weight hanging of my mushroom tip,id be stupid not to take pictures of that?. u forgot what the internet was originally created for, pr0n

on a more serious note, being all "race wise", talking about it all the time and supporting your "race" is no more different than me being american and supporting the right or the left or being a resident of DC and buying a bunch of redskins gear and going to all their home games. yea its your home team, your skin color, is that what defines u are a soul? wtf? at the end of the day its all just ego food and another way to polarize your soul and trap u into a bunch of worthless drama but i know these words here fall on def rebel renegaded ears so whatevs

Unknown said...

Great stuff RJ, I agree with pretty much everything you said. It does take guts to bring up something like this against fanatical people like those you discussed in a realistic manner.


Anonymous said...

White Genocide is real. It is part of the Jew World Order - in their own words.

The good "theory" as to why... could best be summarized in a book "Who is Esau-Edom". There is a PDF available for anyone interested in finding it.

The shame of all this is that the people who are publically representing the idea of White Genocide seem to be all less than stable, reasoned and coherent. (Except for a few i.e., Kevin Mcdonald and others less visible)

Perhaps this is not just a coincidence???

Control the information: Bastardize the truth. Marginalize the truth.
Ridicule the truth.
Parody the truth.

Etc., etc.

Unknown said...

Roy, I personally think some people used to talk about white ethnic interests in a mostly reasonable manner. Then it got vulgarized to a point where you are slandered as anti-white for not being 100% on board with all of their ideas, and where the ones who spout this stuff talk non-whites like they are not even human. This has become a hinderance to the movement as a whole.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Mr. Livegood is finally saying what "I" have been saying for YEARS, now, and got nothing but harassment and haranguing for telling the truths as I know them to be. I wonder what kind of shit-treatment YOU will get for saying the same.

Better late than never, if what I say.

In all seriousness--I AM serious, actually--, thank you for saying what desperately needs to be said to the "Mami crowd".


Tim said...

there is one race that is very racial and doesn't like mxing at all and even has a racial ethno state: the jews ( yet at the same time promotes race mixing for everyone else especially whites)

this is part of a larger programm of globalisation and dissolving of racial and cultural identities, exposing this is doing something about this is fighting the jew world order.

If y'all were black or latino or palestinian, being pro your race wouldn;t be a problem and at all and this wouldn;t even be a discussion. the fact that there is this discussion shows that the white race has been targeted the most by the jewish racial deconstruction programm.

This is because white countries are the biggest obstacle to the globalised jew world order. ( also the ones who have been used the most by the jew to bring in this jwo)

its not rocket science lol

Anonymous said...

Sling blade is correct. The average person would rather go along with the current system (even if it hurts them), then have to associate with zealots that go around calling everyone muds, going psycho over mixed-race kids etc.

Sure it's funny, but it won't work which is why jews love promoting the extremist elements.

Tim said...

its a matter of identifying the jewish multi culti programm using their own words:

"Let's not forget what the origin of the problem is. There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That's a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states."- General Wesley Clark (jew)

one of many jews settting out to destroy european and other white countries