Friday, April 4, 2014

Busted! Sloppy MSM Psyop On Fort Hood 'False Flag Shooting' Exposed!


Aleksa said...


HOAXERS START(researching the ears!)

rodin said...

Gotta disarm those vets folks

Unknown said...

Good god this is asinine. The guy is picking the most flimsy evidence. Everyone by now knows that the media always screws it up in the beginning. He admits that the guy was on drugs but NOOOOOOO that couldn't be the problem now could it.

Flimsy at best.

Everyone is missing the real point Guns are hardly a problem when it concerns murder per capita. Western nations, especially those with gun ownership, have the LOWEST murders per capita where in countries where they don't have guns have the highest rates of murder per capita. Guns are not a problem gun ownership is one of the greatest rights man could ever have.

Christopher Marlowe said...

I notice that the same shills get out early on only this type of post, and always with the same position. And they NEVER deal with the substance of the assertions made. The lady doth protest too much methinks.

The main point is that there was Muslim patsy that was in the crosshairs the day BEFORE the "shooting". Hassan was reported on Fox as being suspected of plotting a Ft Hood jihad. (That story was reported by Jana Winter, who also reported the story that the Aurora "shooter" had sent a notebook to authorities that detailed what he would do on his murderous rampage.")

Sure, this could be another COINCIDENCE. I could lie about winning the lottery, and then I could really win the lottery on the very next day. That could happen. But it is so unlikely that a reasonable person would start to doubt. And when it comes to coincidences involving governments and media reporting about shootings, my tolerance for huge coincidence is very low. I call BS. Another HOAX.

Anonymous said...

Don't agree with the shithead on Youtube and your a, 'shill'? Are you fucking for real? This dabu whatever asshole makes a video about EVERYTHING. Apparently everything is fake and a big conspiracy and he's the one who has it all figured out... from MSM sources.

It's beyond ridiculous, it's mental illness. For him to make them and for lazy cunts like you, who not only never call him on his bullshit, at the time, but let all his past bullshit slide.

If anyone is a shill, it's him, because he pollutes issues by continually throwing shit like a monkey everyday. DISINFO, exorbitant amounts of bullshit. FOCUS fuck face. Instead, you get your 'news of the day' and from a mental patient on Youtube.

He has NEVER proved anything. EVER. Promoting THAT, is some shill like behaviour. Unless of course your defense is that you're fucking retarded.

If this guys was right about 10% of the shit that comes out of his mouth, we should be happy because that would mean government cunts are the most inept losers imaginable.

"substance of the assertions made" hahaha!!!! Interesting choice of words Chrissy. Not EVIDENCE. Not PROOF. But assertions.

Yeah no on addresses the crazy person on Youtube because it's some chicken little, sky is falling bullshit. Look at how your reaching for straws. The shitskin from what two years ago? Really? It's all related is it? Mmm and only you and Youtuber know the truth.

Try reading a book instead of watching videos, you stupid motherfucker.

Aleksa said...

Christopher Marlove@

Experts have detected a new deadly disease called Sandy Hook Syndrome!

The disease mostly manifests it self at people incapable of clear thinking!
The first symptoms are believing that nobody died on 911,fake fire fighters,smoke machines and no plane theory!
If you have these symptoms please contact your local doctor before the disease take its toll!!

Second more dangerous faze and symptoms,experts say are,fanatically believing that everything is FAKE,believing that no kids died in a school shooting and that NUKES and radioactivity do not exist!
Still at this faze experts claim that disease still is curable!

The last faze ,and the most dangerous faze from which experts say is incurable and may cause death is:
Starting to research peoples ears, Believing Halbnigg,Smallstorm,Simon Shack,Ed Sharoni,september clues,farthologist,Tom in CT,John Fetzer and Jim Friend and constantly trolling and bombarding websites with 6 xilion unworthy links and Youtube videos made by some lonely trolls in their mamas basement!

Experts warn that this disease spreads very fast and that the only cure is Euthanasie!!!

Text Taken from Weekly Medical Research Magazine.

Unknown said...

Christopher Marlowe is losing it. A Christian who believes in jew god and hell fire for eternity...what do you expect? He has been getting so upset lately because no one will drink his Sandy Hook nose kool aid that he has been cussing!

Christopher there is a site called fakeologist. Nothing can be believe don't you know. You would be a good fit over there lol