Friday, April 4, 2014

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.04.04

Exposing the Jew god in all its glory part 7. Note: Charles will finish this series on his next show.

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Anonymous said...

In this one, Charlie makes the very important point that you can't separate the New Testament from the Old, and it's mainstream Christian teaching that Yahweh is Jesus, so there's a complete contradiction in behaviour, to the point of them not being the same person, and therein lies the rub with Christianity.

He also covered the story of Elisha (2 Kings 2:23-25), who called upon God when some kids were mocking him, and a bear came out and mauled them. He pointed out what apologists have said, which is what Eli James said, that it's not necessarily referring to young kids, but they could have been young men. Except that they are young kids, because Young's Literal Translation also confirms that.

Not that it matters, since the response is unjustified anyway, for calling Elisha baldy. But this is where another excuse comes in by the likes of Eli and others, in saying that there could have been some other context that we don't know about. Except, there's no reason to infer that from the text, as it's pretty clear it's a cause-and-effect relationship, with no other mention of these kids.

Then, on the last show, he recounted the laughable story of Yahweh making a wall fall down killing 27,000 Syrians (1 Kings 20:30). How big of a wall would you need to kill that many people? Clearly a phony story.

In the previous verse is the claim that the Israelites killed 100,000 in one day. That's interesting, considering the casualty list of pre-AD battles shows only two that possibly exceeded 100,000, and not all in one day!