April 25, 2014

David Duke Show 2014.04.25

Today: Dr. David Duke has another fascinating show revealing from mainstream Jewish sources (for Jews Only) about pernicious racism against non-Jews. Yet, there is still a misdirection, and self-deception, for instance he reveals that the liberal Jewish Forward newspaper reveals Jewish racism against Africans, but does not tackle the far more prevalent Jewish racism against Gentiles in the West that enables the Zionist State of Israel and the Jewish supremacy over much of the culture, politics, media and financial structure of the West. He shows incredible hateful racism against Gentile Europeans by the Jewish supremacists. In the second half of the show he has an amazing segment on the Keys to Living a Great Life. How to create the life of your dreams though simple keys you can lose to unlock your health, your productive and creative work, your self-esteem, your imprint upon the world! A great show today that will enlighten and inspire you. Share it with friends all over the world.

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