April 25, 2014

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.04.24

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - David Cole - Renowned Revisionist Historian

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Dr. Bill Deagle MD - Multiple Updates

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Jim Marrs - The View From Marrs

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ConCenStasi said...

hour 2, 16 minutes in, is deagle talking about rifat? if its someone like gellar he would just say his name right?

Shabigus said...

I suspect he was talking about geller due to the timeline.

Anonymous said...

15 minutes in, Deagle calls George Noory of C2CAM a poodle, but praises John B. Wells.

Noory was a hypocrite in cancelling Deagle's scheduled appearance under the pretext of Deagle having a picture of Bush and Hitler on his site, yet repeatedly inviting Alex Jones on after he had several pictures of Obama as Hitler.

But Deagle doesn't take any exception with their Jewish Zionist gatekeeping, which John B. Wells was equally guilty of as Noory during his tenure there.


Anonymous said...

When are people going to finally "get it" that C2CAM has almost always been an operation to hoodwink people who would, otherwise, be on our side?

That atrocious human-being Art Bell was painfully obvious, but sNoory is "a little" more polished in his delivery, and is not so blatantly obvious as that disgusting Bell.

I think that people are much more aware of what goes on on the programs, at least MUCH more so than they were in the late 90's and early 2000's, but far too many people still believe the obfuscations and mis-directions spewed on that program, and that is why I will FOR-EVER believe that it is an operation, and has been for many years.


Anonymous said...

30 minutes in, David Cole shares the very important story of a $25,000 bounty put on his head by the Jewish terrorist organization, the JDL.

He said he ended it with a $2200 payment to them, and that's when he went on hiatus starting in 1998.

We need to expose these criminals for who they are, since the mass media won't do it for us, for obvious reasons.

Pat Colo said...

Cole's $2,200 "payoff" to JDL was intriguing indeed! Talk about common low level mafia/street thugs! Makes you wonder, now that Cole has "re-emerged" and is again giving interviews (also with Ry Dawstein* 92 mins : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CEHn-5Pd8Qc ); is Cole not again jeopardizing his safety, with his renewed, ostensibly frank discussion about the holohoax & what happened to him in the mid/late 90s with the JDL?

Also intriguing was Cole's claim of having been beat up while giving interviews. WTF?! How does that work? So I youtube searched the one show he named as an example; I searched "David Cole" CBS 48 Hours and found nothing on target. Anyone??

Metapedia's short entry on Cole:

^ compare with (zio)wikipedia's entry on David Cole... DOH! there is none?! He must not exist!! lol, seriously, search ziopedia for Cole for yourself!

* On Ry Dawson/stein, I don't trust the guy. He seemed to fit the description which MCPiper gave here http://tinyurl.com/qe7ap99 describing himself, and Ry Dawstein IMHO, among many others of course. At least in the past, RyD was anti-zionist out one side of his mouth, then all too happy to try to smear those who stepped out of line in his promoted views, with canned ADL joospew buzzwords out the other side of his mouth. And the RyD coffin nail IMHO was his dogmatic campaign that a commercial jetliner really did hit the pentagon and anyone who disagrees is a tard-shill-yada-yada. Ref: http://tinyurl.com/mb3pvoe

Anonymous said...

Pat, thing is, the media is so fragmented these days compared to 1998, and they can completely keep him off network and cable TV, and it's old news to most people nowadays, anyway. I saw all this from the AIDS scam.

As for the payoff, it sounds low, but the main thing was that he stopped pursuing the issue, so that would plausibly pacify them.

I didn't know about Ry Dawson taking a plane-hit-the-Pentagon view, or about him calling people shills if they don't believe it. It's highly suspect, for sure, just like Rivero making fun of the "pod people." He did the same thing after a Coast to Coast appearance, so it's not something he's renounced.

Both of them are anti-Zionist, but Rivero doesn't get into talk of Jewish tribalism and organized Jewish power outside of Zionist organizations like AIPAC, and I haven't listened much to Dawson, so I don't know.

Pat Colo said...

faux/Jason, firstly a thanks for your various podcast timeline reviews; I've benefited a lot from them, in some cases saving me the time of listening to a podcast which I wasn't enthusiastic about hearing, but alas there may be some nugget in there; you know what I'm saying, so thanks man! :)

Several years before this current synthetically-fabricated "wedge" in the TM over ostensible disagreement re SHoax & Boston; there was the similarly fabricated wedge over the "what, if anything, hit the pentagon?" controversy, where a cabal of established, Brand Name Truthers incl RDawstein, MRivero, JHoffman, KJenkins & others sought to drive a wedge in the TM, with a conspicuously-hollow campaign insisting that a big commercial airliner really did fly into the pentagon on 911 morning. For just a taste of that, check KBarrett's "Tales of Jim Hoffman" (yes, jooOOooh...):

The contrived "what hit the pentagon?" wedge issue above, fits the same mold as the current contrived wedge over SHoax & Boston Hoax. Just yesterday I posted this hypothesis re what's going on there (applies to pentagon also), ref:

I believe Delphi, Glenn, Piper, KJohnson, Tillawi, AJMcDonald, "Wade", (& whoever I'm forgetting), who profess to hold the belief that EITHER SHoax AND/OR Boston Hoax took place as joozmedia.gov have purported-- even while they are ostensibly at odds with each other in their conflicting professed beliefs; that they are ALL in cahoots, frauds, "Sunstein Cognitive Infiltration Agents", employed by the dark side, to sow chaos/confusion/doubt/cognitive-dissonance/disunity/infighting within the TM.

And yes, their dark-side employers count upon honest Truthers being loyal to their favored "Brand Name Truther Personality" first, and the evidence 2nd if at all. That's why I like to put "proclaimed" or "professed" before citing their ostensible "belief(s)".

[4 replies later (#414), clarifying]:
As I said above, this all adds up to TPTB's intended outcome that their agents, who I defined in my reply 410 above, sow chaos/confusion/doubt/cognitive-dissonance/disunity/infighting within the TM, as honest Truthers (are encouraged to, are baited into, at least) taking sides based principally on the view espoused by their favorite Brand-Name Truther (agent).

One point to clarify though-- where I said they're all in cahoots, I don't mean necessarily that these low-level agents are in active cahoots with one another. Rather, I believe it's TPTB at the top giving each agent their tailored marching orders as to what they're to profess to believe about each fake "event", with TPTB hoping to achieve the chaos/etc outcome within the TM stated above. If my hypothesis is correct, I'd say TPTB have scored at least a partial victory.

Unknown said...

forget about a truth movement.. that's a part of the problem. move in your own ways and find your own truth. you can direct yourself.