April 15, 2014

Jewish activist Anetta Kahane wants to destroy Europe via non-European immigration



Noor al Haqiqa said...

May I bitch slap her, please?

She makes it sound as if the Europeans made a mess all by themselves! She speaks the NWO party line of no borders.

Please. My fingers are itching....

Let us hear her say "Israel" instead of Europe and espouse these liberal ideals for her beloved effing land.

crawdadnorthdakota said...

she's got red hair is she sure she's jewish?

Innocent Smith said...

You've never seen a Jew with red hair?

I like how she focuses only on nationalism. Used to be a bunch of City States as well. Used to be Christendom. Oh yes, it was once Pagan, but I believe St. Benedict and the monastic system elevated it to the First World through prayer and work.

Anonymous said...

she is gorgeous but needs a good kicking

Christian said...

annetta kahane is the daughter of the jewish commie max kahane and her wife doris.She is a multicultural transformation activist for the benefit of the parasite jews in this case in Germany.

In 1998 anetta kahane was involved in the foundation of the "amadeu antonio stiftung"(Stiftung=charity meaning jewish parasite money against the ethnic people) in Germany. Since 2003 she is the full-time chairpersons of this endowment. For her engagement against “hostility to foreigners and right-wing extremism” she received in 2002 the moses mendelssohn's price, even before her previous state security service activity became known. In 2003 anetta kahane was under discussion as a successor of barbara john (also a jewess) as a foreign representative of the Berlin senate.

Christian said...

Here is another jewess. This time in Sweden and here "ndo organisation" called paideia.
She also calls for the jewish commie destruction of europe as for instance the jewish (born in iran ne browman..)senior advisor valerie jarret..(google for quotes from her..)

All under the alleged pretextof antisemitism and the jewish holocaust religion with is jewish antichrist deception and propaganda to lead away from their crimes and blame it on their VICTIMES!Meaning all the ethnic people where they are the jewish commie parasite.

Christian said...

I forget her name and video.
barbara spectre..