April 15, 2014

The End of The White Network

For the reasons described in My Mistake, I have decided, without consulting with or seeking Carolyn Yeager’s consent, that The White Network will no longer be used to record or broadcast any new programs. There will be no further posts or comments. I will not allow her to abuse the system I constructed to undermine the purpose for which it was constructed and for which she originally agreed to use it.

I expect Carolyn Yeager will continue publishing at carolynyeager.net. I will continue at Age of Treason. I have not decided what to do with AoTR. Carolyn informed me yesterday that Paul Hickman had already decided to move to Renegade Broadcasting. I wish him good luck. His decision has made my decision about tWn much easier. I thank Ray Goodwin and Hadding Scott for their contributions here.

Though I have always managed the server itself, Carolyn has always managed the donations and bills and thus has control over the hosting account and domain name. I would like this site to stand as an archive for as long as possible, so I request that she use whatever funds remain, or new funds come in, to continue paying the bills. Whether this actually happens is Carolyn Yeager’s decision and responsibility.

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Anonymous said...

Why is there in Mami not the Carolyn's latest show about Russia and Putin?

zapoper said...

Carolyn came in here one day and was complaining about a post that WHOOLI had made. Since then, he has only been posting links to her shows.

The show you're referring to is at the top of this list:


Anonymous said...

I smell a trend!

At what point does a coincidence turn into a correlation?

I can think of 4 partnerships now that have started and finished ugly. Purpose......perhaps to make this whole movement look ridiculous to the outside observer.

Why the 'blue pillers' would want to have anything to do with us???


jankyj said...

too bad all his audio is gone now.. Tan had some great shows.

Nick Dean said...

Even if the tWn site is offline for good, jankyj, I'm quite sure Tan will post his own past shows somewhere. He put a lot of work into those shows for our benefit, he'll want them to continue to be heard.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone surprised? I found the woman unbearable, full of contradictions with a self-assigned supremacy that bordered on narcissistic personality disorder. I call her The Hag.

I heard one program where she said out loud that she (and the guest... I can't remember who it was) should go around to various sites to correct them (in so many words).

It is a shame, too, for there were good interviewees. If she could have just lightened up a little bit, but that appeared impossible with the two interactions I had with her.

Unknown said...

Having a jewish wife and children is a conflict of interest. We can't have anyone like that as leaders. Hopefully we will learn from that and move on.

Anonymous said...

Schade. I think Carolyn Yeager was the best host in the USA and her shows were very intelligent. Hope she continues her work elsewhere. Strangely the end came almost immediately when she started to speak about putinism and how the jews are in power in Russia. Then she just pointed out that a big part oh the WN-movement has been hijacked by jews and there were a lot of people that acted like the islamists. They want just one big caliphate and they are internationalists and commies. And led by the jews.

Anonymous said...

Makes one think, why Tan freaks out just became Carolyn figuered out that there is no White Nationalism. There is White Racialism that is subdivided into various nationalisms or pan-nationalism. But, that doesn't mean anything either. You can have social nationalism or anti-social nationalism, etc. What system do you install, once you establish nationalism or racialism?

Also, Hitler didn't hate the Slavs as Tan claims. And he didn't want to conquer them either. Hitler tried to establish a safe continent for Germans and Europeans in general. This requires an objective view/assassment of Eastern Europe/Russia, as well.

Very suspicious that Tan simply throws the towel when Whites talk about White topics that are unconfortable for him.