May 03, 2014

Black people talk about Jews
*More video here


Christopher Marlowe said...

Those were some well-informed black people.

Anonymous said...

These were the types of Blacks--please capitalize Black and/or White when talking about people, as this is the correct way to write this--I met while doing my various campaigns on-the-street.

There are far more informed Blacks than any Whites I met, and me stating that FACTUAL ANECDOTE OF MY EXPERIENCE is something that "certain people" are not able to handle.

It is a reality that does NOT please or satisfy me, but says a Hell-of-a-lot about why we are all in the collective situation we are.



Christopher Marlowe said...

"please capitalize Black and/or White when talking about people, as this is the correct way to write this"

Lindsey: could you please write a very long book explaining the correct way to write everything so that I might better understand? This would be VERY helpful. Please make sure that the book is very long, and then post it somewhere and I will be sure and read it.

Anonymous said...

*LOL* I just know most of the classical rules of grammar, and it is extremely annoying when I see so many errors, constantly, and people make very little/NO effort in improving themselves.

Your writing-style is fine, and you are in the vast majority of people who constantly make this error, so do not feel as if I was directing this point solely to you, as I PROMISE you that I was not.

Anyway, thank you, Mr. Whooli, for sharing this really important video here at Mr. Grizzom's site, primarily because there are many people who need to see this, and open-their-minds about the reality of the situation that we face as THE HUMAN-RACE, and it will take THE HUMAN-RACE working together against the evil that is allayed against us ALL to bring-about the change that is needed, and also to ensure that the plans of the demons walking-on-two-legs are NOT allowed to succeed.

That's that.