May 03, 2014

Citing International “Law,” UN Demands U.S. End Death Penalty

The Latest Exhibit at the Zoo scared the Kiddies...

In keeping with an accelerating trend of seeking to dictate U.S. and state policy, self-styled “human rights” officials at the dictator-dominated United Nations blasted the United States — and Oklahoma in particular — for allegedly violating what the UN calls “international law.” Responding to what has been described as the “botched” execution of convicted rapist and murderer Clayton Lockett this week, the international outfit’s “human rights office” called on authorities across America to end the death penalty.

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Unknown said...

I think that the Death Row Criminal got off lightly after showing that he was no longer human when his behavior towards his victims, was worse than that of any animal towards another animal.

Some crimes deserve corporal punishment, even the death penalty.

If his crimes had been committed to your daughter how would you respond?