May 15, 2014

David Duke Show 2014.05.15

Dr. David Duke Blasts the ADL world survey showing that 26 percent of the world's population is "antisemitic." He goes through the 11 part ADL survey point by point and shows how the survey questions such as, "Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the countries in which they live," and "Jews have too much control over global media" can be proven by Jewish authorities who openly talk about the intense indoctrination of "typical young Jews that Israel is the true homeland" and Jewish media such as the Times of Israel, headlining: "Jews DO Run the Media." Dr. Slattery and Kay also add some commentary and questions at the end that are enlightening. Perhaps one of the best programs ever revealing Jewish racism. Copy and share the links to this program and the article upon which it is based on

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Anonymous said...

"Israel is your true homeland". Homeland Security is therefore to secure Israel's existence.