May 27, 2014

David Duke Show 2014.05.27

Dr. David Duke has a great show today that analyzes the factors behind the recent horrific murders in Santa Barbara and the real causes of the violence and degeneracy that affects so many people, especially impressionable young people who are poisoned by the mass media. He points out that the shooters own father was a second director of film aimed at young audiences, the Hunger Games, which depicted teenagers murdering each other in gory detail... Also discussed is how the media has covered up the racist motives of the shooter against European Americans who repeatedly expressed his hatred toward us in his manifesto. If Euro American would have had a manifesto of hatred toward say Jews or Africans and then murdered people, would it not be headlined? Duke asks. Robert Lloyd also joins Dr. Duke to add some thoughts and David Duke closes with an appeal for people to seize control of their own identity and not let the Hollywood degenerates shape their lives! Very powerful and insightful show! Share it!

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