May 27, 2014

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.05.27

Delcroix Outside Radio

Charles continues his bible bashing with more intensity than yesterday. He also takes three calls.

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zapoper said...

Having the personality of a door knob has never helped convey a message whether you agree with that message or not.

Unknown said...

Charles is collecting his disciples and loosing his discerning listeners. I refer to his first rant from his new venue of which I spent an inordinate amount of time listening PROVING that he gleaned his first theses from a deliberately deceptive article by David Ike.

This title was linked to a thesis article written under the pseudonym, “Chacaruni,” a faceless character who obliquely referred to a book, "The Crucifixion of Truth" by Bushby. Interestingly Ike, until shortly after Giuliani's rant, offered both a book and an expensive Kindle version of Bushby's book on his website. This link is now gone.

What makes this noteworthy is that ONLY David Ike offered an electronic version of this book suggesting a personal affiliation to its production.

Researching the references in "Chacaruni's" article on the alleged Sibyl oracle of 510 B.C. Chacaruni/Ike/Bushby cannot state that Edmond Bordeaux Szekely’s “The Essene Book of Revelations,” is the source of their fabrication, which is, nothing more or less than an early imperfect copy of the Book of Revelation which is available for perusal on the internet.

Chacaruni/Ike/Bushby hide this fact by directing the reader to Edmond Bordeaux Szekely’s “The Essene Gospel of Peace, The Unknown Book of the Essenes,” which contains no words corresponding to the Book of Revelations.

I'm pretty sure Charles read my rebuttal proving his error but obviously has retracted nothing. He has what scripture calls, a spirit of error. His rants sound good, but beware of unmitigated error lurking within.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Charlie Kicks Azz! Love-em!!
History did not start the day we were Born and that Bible is a Jew Rag full of Coma Crap.. Unlock them Bible chains, Jesus is not going to save Shit,,The History of the Jew is all the proof one needs know Jesus is a Jewish Fairy tail to keep the Goy at bay when they Rape & Pillage everyone in sight. Boy is Jesus going to get them Jews for that LOL Just Wait!
Man is born with instinctive knowledge of Right vs Wrong!
Look at the Christian Bible bangers now embracing Homosexuality,, What does the Bible say about that? Fu<k-it, They just ripped that page out of the Bible,, Where is the Wrath of Jesus????
This world is being Destroyed because GENERATIONS of people are sitting on their Fat Azz's waiting for Jesus or some other Fairy God to do something about it. Hell is Frozen boys,, Grab hold, (The Secret) is with in YOU & the Jews know it, That's why they are Poisoning the Food you eat & the Water you drink TO TOAST your Brain.. Think, that Bible had done nothing but make the Jewish Preachers & Israel Chosen Rich!

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

More PROOF the Bible is Bull Shit!

Unknown said...

My suggestion is don't bitch but call Charlie if you can defend the jew book. I doubt anyone will debate Charlie as they will lose.

Lindsey you do know that you are defending a jew book full of errors do you not?

Aleksa said...

All you kike jebus lovers should move to israHELL!!
Whites in Europe exist much longer then kikes in israHELL!!
Kike book is the biggest enemy of white people!!!
CG don't stop!!

foon1e said...

Amen - Rah!
It's all a ride People. It's all just a ride...

Unknown said...

"Charles is collecting his disciples and loosing his discerning listeners."

See this is what it is all about for a lot of people. Go with the flow. Be popular. Well as ya all know, the truth ain't popular and those who have stayed true to it have most likely lost listeners (such as Deanna but I don't honestly know that). You see, the truth means more to them than being a dickhead like Alex Jones who cares only about money. Popularity? Fuck that, stay true to the truth, you will respect yourself for doing it as well as those around you that do the same.

Unknown said...

Amazing... No; only a fool would talk to Charles while on his throne surrounded by his stirred up fans. Atheism is a religion; however, unlike other religions it apparently feels the need to flaunt its utter contempt for what others believe to be the foundation of good. Well, at least that's the brand of Atheism promoted by Charles and he obviously has a profound effect on his disciples. One can't help but wonder how long it would take for these enlightened folks to dig into the Talmudic way to control "lesser" folks if they were in control. They wear contempt and hatred as naturally as does any within organized hegemonic Jewry.

Unknown said...

Oh; and in case you haven't noticed; it takes a lot of work to debunk one cleverly crafted lie. I only debunked one and I'm not going to waste my time by chasing down any more of the flies spreading everywhere from Giuliani's rotting corps of antiChristianity. Don't you get it? Comparing Christian Deanna Spingola to Charles Giuliani is incredulous. Deanna recognizes that there is Truth greater than herself; Charles thinks that he is the truth and he will trample down anything that meddles with his religion.

Unknown said...

Your bias precedes you. Deanna hasn't honestly examined 'script'ture in the same way that Charlie has or she would come to a different conclusion-she knows this I would presume.

"I only debunked one and I'm not going to waste my time"

Than you sir are a quitter and you cannot defend your good book.

Sadly you lose.

Unknown said...

Loose? On the contrary. I've simply concluded airing out my perspective regarding Charles' attempts to discredit the Scriptures and those whose values are grounded in them. I'm one of those folks that has concluded over his lifetime that man is a figment of God's imagination (Genesis 1:27) rather than the other way around.

Loose? I didn't know that truth was established by arguing with a fan club.

foon1e said...

Fan Club? All i can see here is 2 trolls arguing over something that can *never* be proved, or disproved.
Any "Evidence" being quoted was created by Jews for the express purpose of controlling the masses. That is the only Fact we know concerning anything to do with "Divine Scripture". Old Testament written to convince themselves they were superior to any other Human Being on the planet at the time. New testament given to the slaves and other races to ensure millennia of "Meekness" & "Turning the other cheek", whilst they continued to rob,rape and control the wealth and resources of the world with impunity.
These are the facts anyone who genuinely opens their eyes to see all around them today can understand. Relying on dogmatic belief systems from 2 millennia ago to try and win an argument on the internet? That's not only an Impossible stance to defend. It's pure Insanity.
Basically, if you don't like Charlies Output - which is a damn sight more convincing to the lay person to take on-board than the superstitious nonsense that defines all religious belief systems - then Kindly fuck off and moan elsewhere. Same goes for that delusional wanker Linds.

Unknown said...

I find it HILARIOUS that some people have FAITH in a MAGICAL dictator in the sky who raped a woman named Mary who then popped out a magical man who could walk on water and fly his dead physical body to a place called heaven.

I also find it HILARIOUS that some people have FAITH in MAGICAL billion year old shape shifting fish that turned into dinosaurs, cows, apes and humans.

Faith + Magic = Useful Idiots

Unknown said...

Personally, I am not denying the existence of a god or after life, I'm defending Charles, that the bible is full of shit and that the jew god and 'good book' is a concoction of the jewish mind.