May 13, 2014

Jewish Tyranny and Anti-Semitism Through the Ages

Next time someone Screws you out of something; Check the Nose!
(Nice potted history of Jewish transgressions written in 2001 that i found today. Read and amaze your party hosts with your encyclopedic knowlege of Jewish Crimes against Humanity!)

History is amazing. The history of the bellicose jew in world culture is perhaps the most gruesomely fascinating phenomenon a person standing at the beginning of the 21st century may behold. Especially if you -- like me -- have spent most of your life completely blind to the relevance of jews and their jewishness in the world around you.
Need you read a dozen books — a hundred — a thousand — to grasp this history? Hardly. Below you’ll find a consolidated timeline of real racial terrorism. Through it the ages will speed past you like clouds in a celluloid sky tumbling forward in thousands of frames per second. Watch the world you know come into being and disintegrate under your feet. Some of this — the latter years of the 20th century — should look familiar, as you’ve lived through it. You will certainly recognize many of the names and events referenced. I wonder, though, how much of the context will ring true to you? How closely will this history, which focuses on the jewish role in world events, match the interpretation of events as you understood them at the time, or have been taught to understand them? How much will it differ?

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