May 13, 2014

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.05.13

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Exposing the fraudulence of the Christian religion.
NOTE: After my Call, the show ended abruptly due to some weird Skype thing. The show was nearly over anyway.

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Unknown said...

Admittedly I did not listen to Charles' program although I have in the past. The topic, in my mind, demonstrates a misdirected anger against those whom Charles is unable to frame into his personal image of the world. Coincidentally (if one believes in chaos theory) Dr. Stephen Jones--a Christian--wrote this in his blog today regarding perception:

Unknown said...

Nonsense (to Stephen Jones' write-up). Mind, body, soul, spirit, gobbledegook. We are what we are, and, since we don't (and probably CAN'T) know everything, we invent notions in our wee little heads to try to explain it.

Go ahead, you christians, and pontificate about your "revealed" enlightenment, as if you got close to god (all in your head, of course), and, you but live to show others how to follow in your footsteps.

No thanks. I admit I do not understand these contradictions in life, and I don't expect to be much more enlightened by my death than I am right now, but, I still don't need fairy tales nor mambo-jambo pscho-religeo-babble by those equally perplexed as I am (were they dare to be completely honest about it), in order to function in this world and live as full a life as we might expect for the short time we are here and have a body to work with.

In the end, these religious types all come to admitting (after being cornered by logic) that one must accept FAITH in order to achieve the ultimate enlightenment.


If you swallow THAT ("faith" being an essential plank to enlightenment), then you are free to choose any faith you wish, and you can logically be as well served as this Jones fellow or any of his cohorts. I'll proceed not believing in Santy Clause, thank you, and, accepting that my time on this earth will be plagued with having to make up my mind at times with less than perfect knowledge.

That is part of the excitement of living on this earth as a man - having to make critical decisions from time to time without having all the information at hand with which to make that decision. You have to develop JUDGEMENT and always be willing to learn from your mistakes and those of others that you get to find out about.

dresdensurvivor said...

Why ignore Thomas Paine's book "The Age of Reason " where he exposes the jew book as being a hoax ?
For daring to expose judaism and christianity, this great man was ignored by the american elite.The man of whom president Adams said : Without the writing of Paine,the sword in Washington's hand would have been in vain!
He is not being honored , there are memorials for Washington,Jefferson,Lincoln,even a Holocaust memorial, but no memorial for one of the greatest thinkers of his time, a man who could have saved western civilisation if the leaders in those days had listened to him.
Why? because he was not of the elite, he didn't have university education,he was a man of the people for the people.On the day of his death there were just 6 persons at his gravesite.
What a bunch of treachrous @#@$#@
the so called "elite"..

Unknown said...

Jlynn; what's with the venom? No ones trying to convert you. There are no derisive words against anyone in Dr. Jones' analysis of the spirit, soul and body of man.

Notwithstanding, I think that if you open your eyes, you'll find that a significant percentage of those pursuing truth towards the freedom we're all seeking, are Christians. Without them the whole pursuit would quickly degenerate into fowl speech and misappropriated deeds without a doable direction. Don't believe me? --Check any openly zealous Atheist's chat-room.

Not all Christians are stereotypical just as not all Atheists are stereotypical.

Now, on the other hand, if the Atheists' cohesively want to stamp out Christianity, they may consider digging up Stalin and making him their king. --I digress... But even Christians get pissed off.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Dresden, if one checks the portraits of Thomas Paine, I don't think a side profile would be too flattering.