May 26, 2014

Santa Barbara Drive-By Mass Shooting Hoax Exposed


MaryC said...

That 'anti-semitic' Brussels shooting also stinks to high heaven

Mami said...

I love this guys videos, humor and hypocrisy go together like beans and rice LOL

Christopher Marlowe said...

Review Manify is a funny guy.

Unknown said...

This video was pure crap. He didn't prove anything. All ad-hominem really. "Who talk like dis" "You 22 years ode" "Talk too slow and dumb" "What?" "Iss all fake y'all" "the family ain't ready to speak yet" "Is he crying" (well actually he was visibly shaken). The screwball dad obviously had an agenda and it was to shift the blame away from his shitty parenting, the kid was clearly weird and loopy.

I would be willin to be that this kid was on some fucked up ssri.

But you guys are drawn in by the same Sandy Hook Noser MO, same conclusions.

They believe it was one gunmen because it was new information and early.

Is this the best there is to suggest it's a hoax?


Unknown said...

Ok was I was confused but it just helps my argument. The angered father obviously lives in a glass house and believes in gun control. Big deal. In his whacky mind there would be no guns (dumbfuck doesn't realize crminals will have them-like the shooter.)