May 28, 2014

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2014.05.28

Gold and Debt As A Blessing

-This show is full of various ideas on using debt as a blessing
-Not a whisper from D.C. on cutting spending – all systems go
-The real inflation numbers are…..
-GDP punky at 1%, wage growth non existent
-Folks scrambling to lend USG money at .037 percent interest
-Are safety deposit boxes safe?
-How can cash become contraband?
-Listener asks: “Prior to petro-dollar how was the price of gold determined?”
-Andy comments on the relationship between the price given by NGC to the market “Buy/Sell” price; how does NGC arrive at the quoted price?
-It’s a great time to buy a house: Andy and Patrick dig into what is going on in housing
-The pros and cons of buying rental property in detail
-Bid meeting of financial oligarchs yesterday. What did they talk about?
-The Revolutionary War: the money, the gold and their banking structure
-Why on Earth has The Bank of England continue to sell China it’s gold?
-There simply isn’t enough physical gold in Central Banks to give to the people who
believe it is being safely stored for them.
-Doris asks for ideas on how to deal with big credit card and student loan debt

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