Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.05.28

Delcroix Outside Radio

Charles finishes his bible bashing and then goes into who controls academia,  and the psychological programming effects of video games. (multiple callers)

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Anonymous said...

Charlie continued to point out the non-scientific statements in the Bible, but when he got to the Qur'an, he couldn't assail two of his citations in the same way, and just said that it doesn't mean they were from a divine creator.

For instance, he cited the verse attributed to the universe's purported expansion, and didn't deny that it corresponded to the Big Bang Theory.

Also, the verse about the sun being a lamp and the moon only reflecting light. Again, he admitted its accuracy and only said that it doesn't mean it came from a divine creator.

There are other accurate scientific verses that he didn't mention, such as a barrier between fresh and salt water, and how mountains are pegs that stabilize the earth.

Also, there is a verse about preserving the Pharaoh's body as a sign to future generations, and one researcher has identified that Pharaoh as Merneptah.