Saturday, June 7, 2014

Patriotard Gone Wild!

Former TSA agent storms courthouse armed with rifles, homemade bombs and smoke grenades and shoots deputy before he is killed by officers

A former TSA employee, armed with homemade bombs and an assault rifle, was shot dead on Friday as he tried to enter an Atlanta, Georgia courthouse.

Dennis Marx, a self-proclaimed Sovereign Citizen, is believed to have been plotting to take hostages at the courthouse, where he had been due to attend a hearing on drug and weapons charges.

Deputy Daniel Rush, who was shot in the leg by the gunman, is being hailed a hero after he prevented Marx from gaining access to the building. 

Marx, who had links to an anti-government group, had arrived at the court building wearing a bullet proof vest and gas mask, and carrying weapons.

When he pulled up in his car, the 48-year-old threw out spiked stop strips to prevent vehicles from reaching him.

Deputy Daniel Rush confronted Marx, who was shot dead as he approached Forsyth County court at 9am ET.

Before he was shot dead, Marx shot through his windshield, striking Deputy Rush in the lower leg. He also let off smoke grenades and pepper spray.

Deputy Rush, who is being treated in hospital for his injuries, has been hailed a hero for stopping what police believe was an attempted hostage situation.

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