July 05, 2014

Barbara Lerner Spectre: jews will have leading role in transformation


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The Persian Drum said...

Oy vey what a haza this Yiddish harridan is !

She has the gall to pontificate that: "Europe is not going to remain the monolithic societies they once were in previous centuries"

Yet as a dual-citizen of 'the Jewish State' I bet she'll fight tooth-and-nail to have Israel continue its systematic operation to keep it monolithic in it's culture and makeup.

The 'nondenominational Jewish organisation', run by this elitist -- and mentioned in this video -- is named after the Greek word Paideia.

From Wikipedia:

The idea of Paideia: The Greeks considered paideia to be carried out by the aristocratic class, who were said to have intellectualized their culture and their ideas; the culture and the youth are then "moulded" to the ideal of kalos kagathos, "beautiful and good." … the idea of perfection, of excellence.

So Ann Coulter got dragged over the coals when she said that she'd like to see the Jews 'be perfected' by turning to Christ, but this Lerner-Spectre woman gets away with stating that 'Jews will take the leading role' in 'perfecting' all of Europe!

By the way WHOOLIE did you notice the Masonic pyramid symbol as the guards march by at 00:07 ?