July 05, 2014

Michelle's gotta swang swang!



Noor al Haqiqa said...




Through extremely clever tailoring Michelle also downplays masculine physical characteristics such as wide shoulders.

Unknown said...

1. Could be a tampon pad in her dress.

2. The Obama's elder daughter is almost a carbon copy of Michele

3. Lots of Negro Females are huge and have some male traits.

4. Michele Obama does work out with weights and shows the muscularity of a female not a male.

5. I just love the avatar of Noor al Haqiqa. The name and avatar just makes me laugh at the little Jew behind the scenes.

1melahat said...

Even Obama called Michelle, Michael on two occasions. There are a couple of youtube videos that show proof you need to check out. As far as the nice lady, Noor, she has a lot to say and I agree with every post of hers I've ever seen. I don't agree with you're foolish assumption about michelle or Noor. You're wrong on both.