July 17, 2014

Gaza & The Myth Of Israel's Right To Exist



Noor al Haqiqa said...

I was pointing out the connection between the treatment of the Gazan fisherman and hiding oil fields from the world several years ago. The fields have been tied up by, or were at the time, Israel, Egypt and BG, if I remember correctly. Yassr Arafat was involved as well.


dresdensurvivor said...

"God promised the land to Abraham......" ???
Is there any proof ???????????
don't tell me it's in the jew book..

Anonymous said...

Send all Arabs and Jews to the holy land and let them stone and rape each other none of our concern other than they drag us in it with their presence in our lands.

Unknown said...

@ Tele Funken - I disagree with such an idea, but only because in the case of Zionism pretty much the whole world - especially the western world - through the U.N does in fact have "collective guilt" for allowing this situation to exist.

If the Jews had established Israel without U.N support and without foreign/western aid and so forth then I'd be all for "let them sort it out themselves".

Of course the things our governments do in our names don't necessarily reflect what the people want but they still do it in our names and thus we do share responsibility for not stopping them from doing it in our names.

As far as I'm concerned the entire world has an obligation to step in and force an end to all this Zionist bullshit through a multinational security force that will work equally diligently to stop Palestinian terrorist bombings and such as they will to stop and reverse illegal settlement building by the Jews and the illegal occupation in general.

No political bias or favoritism or other bullshit, both sides must accept the conditions for peace to exist.

I'm not saying it's possible given the current political climate in the world but that is the only responsible and diligent action for the world to take to correct it's past mistakes in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Stop all foreign aid and deport all Jews and Srabs in Western countries to the holy land. Let them play out their script and leave us out. No more resources or manpower from our side.

Unknown said...

What 'side' is that? The 'side' that greatly helps create problems and then says 'you can fix them yourselves, we're done here' due to racial and/or religious prejudices?

Where I come from if you help create a mess you damn well help clean it up.

Apparently some (a lot of) people don't get taught about personal responsibility and honor anymore(surprise, surprise!).


Anonymous said...

Western countries should pay for 1st class tickets for Jews and Arabs on their soil, equip em both with rocket launchers if you like or only the Arabs since Jews are armed to the teeth. There's 20-50 million Arabs in Europe. So yeah, there is our support.