July 17, 2014

I think Lindsey is working for Comcast

Comcast never wants a customer to go — but says one of its representatives (Lindsey) went too far trying to convince one account-holder to stay.

On Tuesday, the cable company apologized to Ryan Block and his wife, Veronica Belmont, after the couple’s attempts to cancel were stymied by a phone call with a customer service representative that Block called “straight up belligerent.” The incident garnered attention because Block and Belmont posted a partial recording of the conversation on the Internet.

In the eight-minute recording, the "unnamed" Comcast employee badgered Block with questions such as “Why is it that you’re not wanting to have the No. 1-rated Internet service, No. 1-rated television service available?”

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Good for Lindsey, I'm glad he finally found a job that he's good at. (annoying people)



crawdadnorthdakota said...


Unknown said...

Ryan has the patience of a saint. I'm amazed that he didn't reach through the phone and strangle that guy and assault him with profanities. I'm in awe of how he kept his cool and didn't just flip out.

Mami said...

Lol, I was thinking the same thing Donna

1melahat said...

Oy vey, sounds like a tribe member trying to outwill the weak minded goyim. Sometimes it's better to lose your temper a little though because the caller was too patient with this snake.

Unknown said...

Wtf,fuck these companies