July 10, 2014

The United Company of Merchants and the United States

True History of America -Part 1 (1666-1840): The Curse against the Patriots

It seems incredible that the involvement of the largest and most powerful multi-national corporation of the world in the 18th Century and its involvement in America and throughout the War for Independence could be so whitewashed from the history books of every single American and student of the world.

Just in case anyone reading or listening has an instant doubt about the complete involvement of the United Company of Merchants in the history of America and the United States, let’s talk about tea for a moment – you know the famous stories about the unjust tea trade and tea duties? Well guess what, it was the United Company of Merchants who were behind the control of the tea trade amongst other things such as the acts of parliament of 1771 (11Geo3.c.7) and 1773 (13Geo3.c.44) and (13Geo3.c.67).

In fact, the United Company of Merchants was the major trading power importing and exporting goods from the American colonies and enjoyed an unprecedented position of having to pay no duties such as in 1768 (8Geo3.c.27) and 1772 (12Geo3.c.32) and 1773 (13Geo3.c.2). So you could imagine how incensed and furious those early settlers and business people in the American colonies were facing such an unjust and one sided game where the largest multi-national corporation of the day is paying virtually no tax, while the individual farmer or trader or merchant was forced to pay huge duties to get their goods shipped or imported.

So who was the United Company of Merchants and what other evidence as to its involvement in the history of America is there?

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The Curse:  "America is the only place in the world condemned and cursed by the global bankers to be their pirates and privateers forever under perpetual Admiralty by an act in 1761" 

This is some deep shit, a must read for those that seek the truth!

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This is good stuff. His 26 Sep 2012 is a beezer.

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14 consecutive FEMALE treasurers up til the present day

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before that 22 males

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The current Treasurer is not Puerto Rican but Mexican-American.

Interesting how since 1949 they have all been split-tails (female).