July 10, 2014

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.07.10

Charles concludes his series on ancient Egypt and then goes on to talk about the evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman. (1 caller)

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Anonymous said...

2 callers actually, unless you are counting Ben as something otgher than a caller

Nick have Ben as a guest get the inside news on how jews are indoctrinated and brought up
Also of interest is whether secular jews are raised with the same mindeset as thje orthodox

Oh, can he explain the differences in the jewish sewcts - ortho - conservative reform and porno

But then how do we know Ben is a jew.

Just a thought

zapoper said...

I'm sorry that I forgot to mention Ben with his crappy phone it's something I should have mentioned.

Don't forget that Del and I do all this for FREE.

Fuck off!

zapoper said...

BTW. How can I tell that Ben is a Jew? Because he's too stingy to buy a new phone. ROFL

Unknown said...

@ Zapoper - Lol, being stingy about a phone doesn't make you a Jew necessarily, I held out until too many buttons fell off mine and I couldn't text anymore before giving in and buying a new one(new old model), and I'm no Jew.

Well, in spirit I may be a partial Jew but physically I'm pure Gentile...

If I were to be stereotypical I would say that Ben's truthfulness actually disproves the idea he is a Jew... so if he wants us to believe him he's gonna have to start lying a lot more! ... :p

(That was a joke, no offense intended... but you can take it if you want anyways, it's still a free world to some extent.)


George Jones said...

Jews took over and infiltrated every aspect of western civilization. You are all jews in spirit, you just don't realize it.

Unknown said...

@ George Jones - Absolutely true though in my case I do realize it and have noted the Diaspora mandate to spread their ways all over the world through all the various "Judeo-X" systems and particularly the "Abrahamic" faiths as part of a plan to convert humanity from the primitive pagans and death cultists of ancient days to a unified and more advanced and "enlightened" status under the rule of the Jews.

What I referred to specifically in my case of "Jewifying", though I neglected to specify it clearly, was the mystical side of the Judaic systems which underpin all other creeds descended from it.

As I've quoted before from respected Freemason and "founder of American Judaism" Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise -

"We Jews have given birth to the masonic fraternity as a cosmopolitical institution; but we consider it no favor to admit you in the lodge, provided, however, you leave your sectarianism outside of the consecrated walls. We have given you Christianity to convert the heathens gradually to the pure deism and ethics of Moses and the Prophets ; still, we consider it no special favor bestowed on you from our side, that you have the privilege of being a preacher in one of the churches."



However as noted there are many different jurisdictions in Freemasonry(each Lodge is a jurisdiction) which can have a fairly wide variation in interpretation of "the craft" and the "persuasions" of the fraternity's brethren based on the personal views of those who founded and run the Lodges.

Some Lodge's in Nordic and Slavic areas of Europe only allow Christians and expressly reject Jews as members, though "crypto-Jews" may still get in - despite the Jewish mystical foundations of Masonry.

The idea behind spreading their doctrines through the Diaspora was to replace all the local cultural mytho's of peoples around the world with a more unified Jewish version of their mystical mythologies and such through Orthodox Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc. while also using the churches and synagogues and mosques and such to recruit for their mystical brotherhoods.

Hence originally as long as a Christian Bible, Jewish Torah or Mohammedan/Islamic Koran was present as a 'Book of Law' for the Lodge it's operation was legitimately recognized by the greater Masonic fraternity.

Pretty much the only thing not allowed at the beginning was "Godless atheists" as belief in a "Supreme Being" and "a resurrection" were required of all Mason's as well - but I think all those restrictions have faded away from most Lodge's(but not all).

Anyways I'm just rambling now so I'll shut up until I figure out what my original point was again... lol.