August 07, 2014

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2014.08.06

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Webster Griffin Tarpley - Geopolitical Analysis

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Tim Rifat - Rubbing His Hands Together In Glee

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Mark Green - The Virtue & Necessity Of Deconstructing 'Anti-Semitism'

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Anonymous said...

What is Webster talking about British "secret" military alliances?

He tells only half of the story how WW1 started. Instead of talking about France's Plan 17, he diverts into some conspiracy theories about Britain.

The Schlieffen Plan was the best reactionary response to France's aggressive 1913 Plan 17, created by Ferdinand Foch. Motto: Offensive a outrance (Offensive to the maximum).
It concludes that France invades Germany and Belgium into Germany, Britain lands in Belgium to invade Germany and Russia invades from the East.
Plan 14, 1898, defensive. Plan 15, 1903, same as Plan 14 but more reserves. Plan 16, 1909, defensive alliance with Britain and Russia.
Belgium founded in 1832 as neutral buffer state, but guarantee power: only Great Britain

Napoleon III tried to purchase Belgium and Luxembourg after they could not be taken by military force.
Until 1648, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands (and Austria & Switzerland) part of German Reich, then forcefully excluded by the Treaty of Munster.

Obviously, it was a long time strategy of France with Britain's help to get more and more from Germany's West or weaken the outer borders by making them allegedly neutral states. First Greater Netherlands and Switzerland, then Alsace-Lorraine, then Saarland and all West of the Rhine after 1919. Plus after 1945, France is occupying force in Germany to this day. Napoleon I also pressured the German Kaiser (King of Austria) to dissolve the German Reich in 1804-06.

In 1919, Plan 17 creator Marshal Foch stated: "This is not peace. It is a cease fire for 20 years.", implying that the Treaty of Versailles was only to replenish the Allied reserves and disarm Germany to finish Germany (and Austria) off.

Germany didn't want war. The Schlieffen Plan was a defensive response to France's offensive Plan 17.

steve said...

Tim Rifat….my guilty pleasure.

The great psy-lord actually made an astute point when talking about Hamas. They were created as a Mossad front to discredit Yasser Arafat and his PLO who had presented the Palestinian (not Gazan) cause to the world as a modern secular liberation movement. Arafat had succeeded in building foreign alliances with the non-muslim world who could care less about Islamic causes but saw the Palestinian dilemma as a human rights issue.

Now we are left with a few leftist supporters of Israel who oppose how the Israelis are handling this but still maintain Israel’s “right to exist” and right to defend themselves from the bottle rocket attacks, and the “anti-zionist” kooks who blindly accept these bi-polar beliefs such as worshiping an old testament Hebrew tribal deity and that a failed jewish messiah is coming back for them meanwhile denouncing jews and ranting about the debunked Khazar theory, the Talmud, and some silly verse in revelations about a synagogue of satan.

That’s why no one cares about the plight of Palestinians.