August 07, 2014

Turkey Takes On Big Pharma, Big Banking, Zionists?
Recep Tayyip Erdogan's moves to take on Big Pharma, the big banks and the Zionists, and how this has precipitated his recent fall from grace amongst the globalist jews.


The Persian Drum said...


Thanks for these interesting links --

The whole Turkey situation is very difficult to monitor, as Turkey is well known to have been well and truly 'infiltrated'.

The label of 'crypto' and ‘Marrano’ -- as well as the practices of sabotage and subterfuge -- are perfectly represented in the small, mysterious community in Turkey known as the Donmeh.

This small, quasi-Jewish-Muslim sect’s presence is known in Turkey, and their origins go back to the Cabbalist Sabbatean movement of the mid 17th century, led by Shabbatai Zevi (Tsvi), who claimed to be the Jewish messiah, the one who would gather Israel back to the holy land.

This rabbi called for the reversal of God’s Torah (‘You shall not murder’ was inversed to ‘ do murder’, ‘You shall not commit adultery’ was inversed to ‘you shall wife-swap’, while ‘Do not bear false witness’ became ‘Lie as you need to’ etc, etc).

While the vast majority of Jews had rejected their rightful king and righteous Messiah, Jesus, and called for his execution as a criminal -- it was an entirely different case with Shabbatai Zevi.

Zevi, the licentious Law-breaker and usurper, was enthusiastically celebrated by the majority of world Jewry; ‘from Iran to Mexico’, the world’s Jews received Shabbatai Zevi as King Messiah. He even had his own ‘John the baptist’ in Nathan of Gaza, who heralded Zevi’s messiahship.

To cut a long story short, The Ottoman-Turkish Sultan at the time wanted to stop Zevi’s corruptive movement, and threatened him with death if he didn’t convert to Islam. Zevi did so, and his fanatical followers did the same!

But it was all a ruse... the ‘mass conversion’ was merely a form of practice to make themselves appear Muslim, while secretly remaining practitioners of Cabbalist Judaism. They were, in essence, a cabal, ingratiating themselves with the host countries in which they sojourned, while being able to infiltrate and sabotage royal courts and governments.

The Sabbatean-Donmeh cabal’s practice was given an extra boost a century later in the person of Jacob Frank of Frankfurt, who ‘mass converted’ whole communities of fellow Jews into the Catholic Church. Again, while appearing part of the establishment, they secretly worked to undermine and bring down the institutions.

Frank and the Frankists made their ties with Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

Descendents of Zevi and Frank have since had leadership roles in Europe, Arabia, Persia and America, and the Sabbatean movement appears to be alive and well today, going under the labels of ‘the Illuminati’, or ‘the Communists’, ‘the Jesuits’, or, in the case of Turkey, ‘The Young Turks’, who would usher in the Armenian holocaust.

According to writers Rabbi Antleman, Barry Chamish and Gershom Scholem, this Sabbatean-Frankist-Donmeh cabal eventually surfaced as the late 19th Century Labor-Zionists, and were the architects of the modern state of Israel.

WHOOLI said...

Interesting. Thanks.

The Persian Drum said...

I need to correct my woeful mangling of the English language in my post above: the word 'inversed' in the sixth paragraph (oy vey, there's that number 6 again!) should have read 'inverted'! Apologies to the grammarians.

Anonymous said...

fyi since this is Turkey related:

Vural Öger, German-Turk, owner of Öger-Tours, delegate of the German SPD in the EU Parliament, proclaimed at a dinner with Turkish kinsmen in Turkey's biggest news paper Hürriyet:

“In the year 2100, there will be 35 million Turks in Germany. The German inhabitants will be around 20 million. What began with Kamuni Sultan Süleyman during the siege of Vienna in 1529, we will finalize through the inhabitants of our strong men and healthy women.”
Akkaya Çigdem, German-Turk, Vice Director of the “Center for Turkey Studies”:
“The people will finally kiss the illusion good bye that Germany belongs to the Germans.”