Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ummmm Ya Think? Foley's sister vs Lanza's friend

The same crisis actress plays the part of James Foley's sister and Adam Lanza's classmate. The clips of her saying "ummm" are intermixed from both parts, Lanza and Foley. If you think its only one girl, you are right, one girl playing 2 parts. 911, Sandy Hook and Boston.

*For the real reason she's doing this? Check out the hook!


nilus said...



Fucking hell.

Maasanova said...

Wow, lol

Anonymous said...

holy shit, even though its so obvious if you pointed that out to the average Joe he would still call you a conspiracy theorist

nilus said...

Channel 4 News in UK has a reporter called Simon ISRAEL...and another called Faisal ISLAM !

The UK Immigration minister is called "Brokenshire" : Broken Shire.

Well, at least God's laughing!

The minister in charge of Child Protection is called Schlomo Kiddyfucker!

Just kidding....Or am I?

However, Barbara Roche, Sue Berlowitz, Denis McShane,Esther Rantzen , Peter Mandelson etc are all of the tribe, and have held senior positions in charge of child welfare..then there's Lord Greville Janner, Lord Leon Brittan...also tribe members..and kiddyfuckers

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Face it folks, they don't care if we are catching on. It makes no difference in their plans. They. Just. Don't. Care. It is not carelessness. It is not incompetence.It is about not giving a damn any more. If ever they did.

Christopher Marlowe said...

Amad Lanza did a post on this a couple days ago. He also theorized that the guy is really the Santa Barbara "killer" Elliot Roger. Both have had plastic surgery.

anon said...

They have same hair, eyebrows, facial shape, eyes - israel has had a nose job, as do very many jew women

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nick, upon further inspection they are not the same person although somewhat similar. We should be more careful especially if we are spreading this information to people who are still in msm state of mind so we don't look like idiots