Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ultra-orthodox Lev Tahor forced from Guatemalan village after disputes with locals

GUATEMALA — Members of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish group were forced out of a village in western Guatemala after disputes with indigenous residents over cultural and religious differences.

Misael Santos of the Lev Tahor community says the Jewish group started leaving San Juan La Laguna on Friday after the town’s Elders Council voted to kick them out.

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Shabigus said...

If I could afford a vacation I would spend tourist dollars in that village.

Anonymous said...

Jew were probably running pedophile rings in the village

Christopher Marlowe said...

That's 110 countries now?

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Even CANADA kicked them out! Now that should say a lot.

But golly remember to mention they are being poisecuted because the world is wrong and they are right.

This particular group of Jews has been described as backwards, uneducated and quite lacking in hygiene according to reports. From Canada. Imagine the stench in a tropical country! Let alone a CATHOLIC country!

They left here because of their very questionable child rearing techniques.