September 29, 2014

David Duke Show 2014.09.29

Dr. David Duke does a great opening in which he he goes over the latest ISIS war and reveals Ziobama's statement which shows how is completely controlled by the Zionists in saying he "doesn't want to stabilize the Assad government in Syria. In other words, just like the Israelis, he wants the war to go on and on. The truth is of course that the Syrian Christians and Muslims are doing the real fighting against ISIS and al Nursra and that by supporting the enemies of the government they are in fact helping ISIS. This is only understandable if one recognizes the Jewish extremist grip over the media and government of the United States -- because Israeli and the worldwide Zionists want the bloody war to continue indefinitely. Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery also point out that they see the possibility of American troops in Iraq and Syria as a good step toward leading to more U.S. Proxy wars for Israel. Dr. Duke also honors Congressman Traficant of Pennsylvania and speaks of his great record in fighting the Jewish supremacists. Great show. Share!

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