September 29, 2014

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.09.29

Charles finished his notes on the US role in creating Israel and was about to discuss the Malaysian airplanes but got many callers. (4 callers)

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Anonymous said...

Interesting all the different interpretations you can have from the same text.

You have Joseph Atwill saying the Jesus character symbolizes the Roman Caesar, Titus, and was created in order to pacify the Jews, and then you have Charlie saying Jesus and his disciples were trying to start an insurrection -- a 100% different interpretation. But that's the Bible, for you.

Unknown said...

but CG also keeps saying "if J existed"

problem i have - is - if he didn't exist why does the talmud mention him? But then he is not called Yeshua consistently in the Talmud, and definitely not in the excrement/hell reference.