Wednesday, October 1, 2014

David Duke Show 2014.10.01

In a heartfelt discussion at the beginning of the show Dr. Duke explores the Jewish question from the ground up. First he discusses the control of the media and the many ways in which the media and establishment are actually working against better health, happiness, achievement in our people. He talks about addictions, to damaging foods, sports, drugs, alcohol, tv watching and other endeavors that impede personal health, progress, achievement and happiness, and how these are all interrelated with the real rulers of society. Then he goes into his amazing new article on exposing a recent ceremony of the perhaps the most respected Jew in Israel, the late rabbi Yosef, and Dr.Duke shows how he was a genocidal, racist who not only called for "wasting the seed" of Jewish enemies, but that the only purpose of Gentiles on Earth is to serve Jews. Yosef compares Gentiles to Donkeys. Then he shows how all of Israel knew these racist, hateful sentiments of Yosef yet he had the largest funeral in Israeli history. And although Jews know these things about him. Gentiles don't because the Jewish press has covered it up in the west. He contrasts this to any Gentile in Europe or America who would compare Jews to donkeys whose only purpose was to serve gentiles, and shows the incredible double standard. Dr. Slattery also adds some great commentary as well...

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