November 03, 2014

Caravan to Midnight Episdode #162

John B. Wells (former guest host on Coast to Coast) interviews Xander Dal Riata, webmaster of Full Spectrum Dominance. Okay, spare me the bigfoot/ufo jokes. 

Although he's not especially bright, John B. Wells manages to pinch out a good show every now and then.  Is it just me or does John look like Star Trek's Mr. Spock without the ears?

Xander is a US veteran and some kind of a computer expert.  He makes several insightful observations about technology, social/genetic engineering, illegal immigrants and the possible future of this nation and the world. 


Guest's website: 

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icr said...

It's apparently very hard to be a good radio talk show host. The only two *great* ones I can think of (if you exclude the clowns like Howard Stern and Carolla) are Art Bell and Piper-though I never cared much for most of Bell's topics. Regardless, Bell is clearly (along with Piper) a guy who was born to do radio. Unfortunately, Piper could only get the large audience he deserved in some alternative universe created by an Art Bell guest.