November 03, 2014

Kay Griggs Interview

I'll be the first to admit this old bird seems a little odd, but she does give a unique perspective of the military-industrial complex, eastern establishment bloodline families, secret societies, zionists, and the twisted culture they have created. Born into that world and married to a full colonel who was deeply involved in arms trading and other nefarious covert activities, she spills the beans and adds a nice dash of 'woman scorned'. She also has plenty of personal photos and documents to back up many of her claims. Watch with discernment and extract the information you deem valid. 


zapoper said...

The full four parts interview here:

Thanks scorpio.

The Persian Drum said...


A heartfelt thanks for putting this video up. At the risk of overselling it, in my opinion this interview with Kay Griggs is the single most important key to 'the puzzle.' The full eight hour interview (available on youtube in four parts), while exhausting, discloses heretofore unknown information in relation to the running of our world.

What makes this exposé utterly unique is that it is not sensationalist or conspiratorial in tone. It is factual, credible and is able to withstand scrutiny because Ms Griggs provides names, photos, contacts, documents and eye-witness accounts.

Yes the interviewee may sometimes come across as rambling in her narrative, but this dear woman is trying to articulate in a few short hours what she has been privy to over a decade and more. She is also a woman who has been mentally and physically beaten.

The interviewer, Rick Strawcutter, is himself unfocused at times and sometimes stops Miss Griggs from fully developing her points.

In a nutshell, this is a woman who unravels the mystery of what is going on behind the scenes. She is like Dorothy, pulling back the curtain on 'Oz', which is, in short, the secretive nature of the armed forces' recruitment methods, the methods in which psychologically bruised and vulnerable young boys (American, British, Russian, Cambodian, Australian, Hungarian, et al) are tapped, groomed and positioned in either leadership or mercenary roles, so that they are beholden to orders from those 'above'.

This pyramidical structure of the chain of command leads all the way to London and Tel Aviv.

Even while bringing all these domestic, matter-of-fact pieces together, Ms Griggs seems to be unaware of how her personal and public experience is actually verifying and corresponding with the more esoteric information we have available to us (the Zionist-Talmudic cabal, Freemasonry, the Illuminati, Secret Societies, Ivy League Schools -- all functioning under the umbrella of the Babylonian Mystery Religion).

I truly believe this video will be seen as a significant player when history records 'the beginning of the End'.

Scorpio said...

Excellent comment, PD. Much appreciated - you could very well be right. It's worth the time to check out the other 3 parts of this interview, even though it totals nearly 8 hours. I've never heard anyone from her background speak so candidly about covert/military world affairs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, any chance we can get her old Rense Radio interviews?

zapoper said...

@ davdr1988, Delcroix posted it here: