January 22, 2015

Old German lady demands unencumbered clarification and no more jew lies

*More information found here


Noor al Haqiqa said...

The woman who named my first daughter would be a few years older than this lovely lady. She was of an established German family, very elegant and just plain fine. How I wish, with my awareness now, I had had different questions to ask her about her younger days during the war.

She told me a few stories but mainly about the liberation. She was actually jailed for cheerily greeting an American ~ for solicitation. Her father being the town Mayor got her out of that jam rather quickly.

Anyhow, this woman is a gem. This video should go viral. We need MORE of her. Her bravery is to be commended ~ may she have peace in her days.

If they can trot out one deceiver after another and tell us about diamonds, feces, and other such miracles, then a few truth tellers who cannot be denied due to experience, can and MUST be heard.

Great find, Whooli.

Anonymous said...

Well said Noor and good news, there is more.
I checked to see when this video was posted and it seems to be 12/14.
This fine lady has more videos.
This one begins with English subtitles and then evolves to interview of her at her home speaking perfect English, posted in 2011.
In this video the narrator states that Ursula has been jailed 3 times for her courage.