January 22, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.01.22

The Knights Templar part 2

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Anonymous said...

37 minutes in, Charlie asked, "Do you really think Martin Luther hated Jews?"

Well, yes, I do, based on his writings, and while I admit that they were so over the top in most cases, I haven't seen anything to suspect he was being insincere.

On his WARN show, Charlie talked about him being a Rosacrucian, but that's not an issue in and of itself. George Washington was a Freemason, but he did a lot of good things overall in leading a sincere Revolution, and warned about American Freemasonic lodges being infiltrated by outside forces.

And speaking of the Revolution, Charlie mentioned early in the show that the Jewish elite knew about the New World before Columbus "discovered" it, but it's likely that all the elites knew about it, since the Chinese sailed there before Columbus and the Viking elite sure knew about it when they were in today's Newfoundland.

If there were big Jewish elite string pullers behind the New World discovery, why did they let America be such a free beacon of Christianity and not subvert it for over 100 years until after mass Jewish immigration took place starting in the 1880s?

WV Foundations said...

Yes, Luther despised Jews. He spent the last years of his life attempting to rid German lands of Jews. His last Sermon called for that very proposal.

blake121666 said...

Luther did a 180 degree turn w.r.t. his Jewish sentiments. And there were plenty of Jews in the New World before the 1880s. While many of them were crypto, the ones that didn't feel they had to be were openly Jewish - like the ones in Dutch colonies such as:


I would guess that Charles would claim that the Jewish elite were behind Christianity. Given how false history tends to be, I'd say it's a distinct possibility.

Anonymous said...


Indeed Jews were in the New World and U.S., specifically, before the 1880s. Some big families dominated the slave trade in Rhode Island.

Even mainstream sources concede that some Jewish families were running things there and in Brazil, but then misdirect, saying it was only in Rhode Island, despite that being the big base of operations for the Atlantic Slave Trade.

But my point is that the U.S. was very Christian and good, overall, up until 1913 where they had a takeover in the country with the income tax, the Federal Reserve, direct election of Senators and no longer increasing the number of Representatives.

During the Civil War, General Grant issued an order in response to the chicanery of some Jews. Despite the constitutional violations during the Civil War, and the international bankster involvement with all four private central banks, the U.S. was a strong Christian nation for all that time up until the 20th century.

Anonymous said...

At 1h8m, Charlie talks about the Boston Tea Party, and saying it was staged, in that according to the only eyewitness account, a British ship was nearby, doing nothing while tea was being dumped, and they were waving at each other from the ships.

Sounds suspicious at first, doesn't it? But I checked out this link and it makes sense as to what I was thinking, is that Boston wasn't under martial law at the time and soldiers have no business carrying out police operations against a private vessel, and shooting at the ship would be even more flagrant and dangerous.


Anonymous said...

blake, Luther changed his views in what way? Reading now, it's saying that he was more conciliatory and changed to being more harsh. But once Charlie used to be a Bible believer and didn't even know about the evils of Zionism, and didn't criticize it as a result, until after he had a radio show, and then he woke up to the Jewish question and went from criticizing them to now blaming elite Jews for almost every machination of the past 2000 years.

Get ready, because near the end of his show, he even says the Japanese ninjas were set up by elite Jews. lol

blake121666 said...

I actually didn't listen to this broadcast. Charles needs to back up things better for me to start listening to him again. He entered into wild speculations a good while ago (1 yr, 2 yr ago?)that is too much for me. So I really can't comment on the actual content of his presentation here.

But regarding Luther. As Catholics have it, he was crazy pro Jewish and with them stirred up all kinds of Jewish-biased trouble within the Church. I'll have to find sources for you; but Catholics saw him as being overly influenced by "Jewish vomit". And when the break with the Church came, he genuinely expected Jews to join him as some sort of reconciliation of Christians with Jews! When that obviously wasn't going to happen he went bonkers on the Jews. That's the part you seem to know about.

blake121666 said...

In other words, Luther bought into the "poor widdle Jews" scam they've been playing forever; and he somehow "woke up" from it after seeing how he was played.

blake121666 said...

Oh, I forgot to add that Charleston, South Carolina was a big base for Jewish slave traders as well. But all the slave auctions were run by Jews (such as the one here in Annapolis). It's possible that there wasn't a single non-Jewish slave trade business from what I've seen; although of course the majority of buyers were non-Jewish.

Anonymous said...

Big and strong christian nations can be betrayed by a little elite, which is secretly serving the jews.