January 31, 2015

The Hagmann & Hagmann Report 2015.01.29

The Methodical Illusion of 9/11

Dear listeners: Make sure that your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright and locked position, for if we continue on the path of tyranny, we’ll be in the ground shortly.

Rebekah Roth spent 30 years working as a flight attendant and an international purser for a major U.S. airline. Her career encompassed many major events involving airlines and aircraft, including hijackings and crashes, and there aren’t too many things she has not seen during her years of flying across the globe. She also has training and experience in the field of emergency medical services.

Having just returned from an international flight and fighting jet lag, Rebekah Roth was jarred awake on the morning of September 11, 2001 as the macabre sights in lower Manhattan splashed across her television. She could hardly believe what she was seeing as the twin towers of the World Trade Center turned to dust, ostensibly from the impact and fire caused by two direct hits by passenger planes hijacked by Muslim terrorists. At that moment, her job became much more perilous.

During the remaining years she spent working within the airline industry, Rebekah Roth watched the transformation of commercial air travel, the birth of the TSA, and the implementation of security measures at airports and by the airlines as an insider. Her access to various reports issued by the FAA, her knowledge of the inner workings of the airlines, and the contacts she made during the course of her international travels would prove invaluable to the investigative journey she would undertake inside the matrix of the attacks of 9/11.

In Methodical Illusion, Rebekah Roth adeptly transforms a fictional novel to an investigative summary, a tactic that is difficult at best for even the most skilled authors. She leaves readers with much information that has been ignored or deliberately scrubbed by the captured media.

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Christopher Marlowe said...

Hagmann was letter her name the Jew up until 2:31:00ish. And then when she talked about ICTS being an israeli company he had to interject for a moment in order to muddy the waters and say that the israel and the Jews didn't do 9/11.... Hasn't he been listening to his own show for the past 2 hours? The inner coward has to express itself. E Michael Jones had it right: you can't solve the problem until you are willing to talk about it.

Anonymous said...

Skousen wouldn't call Hagmann disinfo himself, but he called Hagmann's Bilderberg source disinfo.


Funny, at the time, when Skousen criticized Hagmann's source on Alex Jones' own show, and Jones had to jump to Hagmann's defense, saying he saw what was claimed, about some spooks following him at the event. Yeah, right. Jones probably made it all up, and even if he didn't, they would've been plants, just to give him credibility.

With all the bankers going suspiciously dead, Jones would've been gone a long time ago if he were an actual threat.